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Pickup!Excellent Action Shooting Game


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Sayurin the Witch's Magical Quest
$0.94 / 108JPY
Shooting game / action RPG in one!
Inc. VoiceInc. Music
Elf/FairyMagical GirlHeartwarmingFantasyMagicAnimal Ears
  • Release: Jul/08/2010
  • Purchased: 80x
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In this game you play as Sayuri, from K*non in a quest to help Mai her friend from same game.

Sayurin has only one basic move which is to shoot her magical ball? and you will find that Sayurin always fly, this has merits and drawbacks the same time. The Story and Puzzle are great points in the game, you will not only adventure but need to solve puzzles on the way of the story and with all characters full voice it's great, oh yeah the character is cute too (lol).

Summary this is a great game with the price only 105 yen.

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Pickup!One of best doujin games I ever played.


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English Ver.
World End Economica episode.1
Spicy Tails
$11.38 / 1,296JPY
The story is unfolded upon our head, the Moon in near future, caught by money.
Inc. Music
HotEmotional/TouchingSerial ProductSFPure LoveBrunet Hair
  • Release: Jun/12/2013
  • Purchased: 159x
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Story is the amazing point in this game, you will find that it somehow references a lot of real world problems.

A lot of songs are great, if only it can open it in music mode.

Characters are great even without voice actors I still like a lot of them.

Art is another good point in this game, I really like the backgrounds of this game, it's just so beautiful.

Only thing in this game is a bug in cg mode and music mode and some odd translation.

Really can't wait for second episode.

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