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Pickup!Awesome Fighting Game


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Record of Alice's War 2
Yume no Tsuzuki
$14.63 / 1,620 JPY
The return of the fully voiced classic 2D fighting game.
ActionEXEInc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial
  • Release: Jan/06/2014
  • DL: 7

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An original fighting game from Alice Soft, Record of Alice's War 2 features many characters from the company's catalogue of games, such as the well-known Rance and Escalayer. The fighting system is a little slow, which takes some getting used to unlike a majority of doujin fighters that have faster gameplay.

It is not without its faults though. Some characters are quite imbalanced and can perform almost 100% kill combos. Other than that, if you like Alice Soft games, this is a recommended purchase.

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Pickup!Great Fighting Game


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$8.78 / 972 JPY
A high speed fighting game unfolds on a stage set on the artificial island aquapolis, "Axel City"!
ActionEXEInc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. AnimeTrial
  • Release: Nov/13/2007
  • DL: 27
  • (9)

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For a game created using 2D Fighter Maker, this is one of the more polished ones. Axel City plays a lot like an anime-based fighter, with combo-heavy mechanics and flashy gameplay.

The story is interesting too; it is recommended to try all the characters out as the endings do tie in with each other. There's a good amount of characters in the game so you'll have a lot of replayability with this game.

It's recommended to play this with the free Thien-Ron patch, which will significantly increase the roster to 33 characters. The free patch is available online.

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