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Pickup!Koenchu! Review


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English Ver.
Koenchu! The Tale of the Voice Actress - You, the Sky, and that Summer
$6.81 / 756 JPY
A powered up love ADV game on the theme of voice acting school. 7 heroines, bilingual audio, over 10,000 voiced words!
GameAdventureEXEInc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. AnimeTrial
  • Release: Dec/15/2011
  • DL: 104
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Wow, I really love this game! My first play-through took about 8 hours, and many others after that took only a few hours since I skipped over many of the already-read texts, and reloaded previous save files where I thought all I had to do was a make a few changes in my choices to get a different ending, and it worked on quite a few occasions.

Where the game really shines is in the personalities of each of the characters. Each person is quite distinct, and with the inclusion of voices, whether it be in Japanese or in English, it only further helps to set each character apart from one another. It is a bit disappointing, though, that there is generally only one in-game stance for each of the characters when you are around them. However, they do have a myriad of different facial expressions, as well as eyes that actually blink, which I must say is pretty cool! My favorite character is without a doubt Mikoto! She’s the childhood friend of Souta. With her bright smile and cheerful disposition, I knew that she was someone that I would grow to really care for in the game, and I did, very much so! I was easily engrossed with her storyline the most. I was glad, too, that ZeroZigen gave her 2 good endings (and 2 bad ones!). In fact, she is the only one with more than 1 kind of ending. I also really liked Honoka’s and Himeno’s as well, but the other characters have pretty good storylines as well.

The music for the game is simply fantastic! Each musical piece, I thought, did an excellent job in complementing the mood and atmosphere of each scene. In fact, the sound test boasts a whopping 90 tracks! For a doujin game, that’s simply amazing, especially since many of them, in my opinion, are very good, too!

Final Score: 9/10 - The "Dummy" texts (non-translated texts), grammatical errors and random in-game errors are why I knocked it down a whole point.

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