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Pickup!Great Visual Novel, Not a Sequel Though


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Future song and linked eyes
Supplement Time
$9.72 / 1,080 JPY
A game featuring Miku.
GameAdventureEXEInc. MusicInc. Anime
  • Release: Nov/02/2009
  • DL: 46
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I must say that Supplement Time certainly hasn't lost their touch making visual novels when it came to this one. I've played the previous two (Which I both enjoyed a lot) and was looking forward to this one. Unfortunately this is not a sequel like the previous review said, you play a completely different character from the first two novels. There's not even the slightest mention of him anywhere. It's a great story, there's no denying that. But if you were hoping for a continuation of the first two games then you will be disappointed. I'd like to consider this more of an alternate universe to that of the first two novels (The Visual Novel Database doesn't even link them as sequels and prequels) Still enough of me ranting, even though this is not a sequel it's definitely worth a play!

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