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Pickup!Great story


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English Ver. World End Economica episode.1
Spicy Tails
$11.62 / 1,296 JPY | 120pt (10% back)
The story is unfolded upon our head, the Moon in near future, caught by money.
Doujin GameDigital NovelExecutable Filewith Music
  • Release: Jun/12/2013
  • DL: 158
  • (5)
  • (23)

This game has a great engaging story. Normally i don't view a visual novel in one setting, but this time i did. I can't wait for the next chapter to be translated.

The story has some interesting twist and turns and while it may seem a mere story about a boy wanting to climb in society it also has some deeper themes. Corruption, politics, finance and ethics.

The only negative thing i have to say is that the story leave wanting for the next chapter.

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