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Dating pigeons


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English Ver.
Hatoful Boyfriend -Hatoful complete edition-
$3.89 / 432 JPY
The full version of the world's greatest pigeon dating visual novel, in English.
  • Release: Feb/15/2012
  • DL: 7282
  • (122)

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Well, when I read about this game, the first thought that crossed my mind was: No way. And when I saw how many people have played this game I couldn't believe it.

So, why not me? And I downloaded the demo. I didn't play that long, just like 5 minutes when I decided to buy it. It was crazy, but really funny. I laughed really hard when I was playing.

So, do I recommend this? Yeah, of course I do. It has a deep story and at the same time it's really incredible. At first you'll be like: A PIGEON IS TALKING TO MEEEEE WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD. But then, it gets better. A lot better.

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