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It's the HEART that counts


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English Ver.
Hatoful Boyfriend -Hatoful complete edition-
$3.93 / 432 JPY  >> $3.13 20% OFF  / 345 JPY
The full version of the world's greatest pigeon dating visual novel, in English.
  • Release: Feb/15/2012
  • DL: 7284
  • (122)

There's no question that this game is chuck full of crack and jokes, but it far exceeds what one would initially expect of it.

This game knows how to set the mood and after playing it for a while you start to care about these birds. The characters aren't so one-dimensional as one may think of this kind of game. Even though they're pigeons they all have dreams and feelings. There's more to a character than it may seem and you have to complete the full version of the game just to see how in-depth the characters are.

The music for this game is rather really nice it really sets the mood when a character appears or when changing the atmosphere. It helps guide the mood of the story pretty well.

This is truly a special gem in all visual novels out there. I recommend this game to anyone who wants to try something different, and any of you wants to get a good laugh.

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