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Not bad...


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Nyaruko-san Live Wallpaper
$1.92 / 216 JPY | 20pt (10% back)Smartphone
The eponymous cutie of Haiy*re! Nyaruko-san as a live wallpaper for Android devices.
  • Release: Apr/24/2012
  • DL: 11

If you are a fan of nyaruko's anime then this chibi is perfect for your phone.

She is pretty funny and funny to watch but it seems like like it doesn't support all the screen sizes so as the app maker suggests, I also suggest, first see the trial app. Other than that this app is really cute and you won't be dissapointed... you can always check the nicovideo with it so you will be sure if you are making the right choice.

But I assure you this isn't bad at all ^^ Nice work out there

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Pickup!A good visual novel


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English Ver. Koenchu! The Tale of the Voice Actress - You, the Sky, and that Summer
$6.73 / 756 JPY | 70pt (10% back)
A powered up love ADV game on the theme of voice acting school. 7 heroines, bilingual audio, over 10,000 voiced words!
GameAdventureEXEInc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. AnimeTrial
  • Release: Dec/15/2011
  • DL: 103
  • (10)

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Art in visual novels can usually be broken down to background art, "paper doll" art, and fully illustrated event CGs.

In Koenchu!, all three are of high quality.

Backgrounds are photographs from location shoots that have had filters applied to them to soften and defamiliarize them. There's a good variety of natural, urban, and indoor scenes, and a several areas have both day and night versions. Paper doll art is detailed, with shading and blush effects. Characters have on average three different outfits, and around eight facial expressions. Many characters are given dynamic poses to prevent dull talking head situations. Each character keeps only this one pose throughout the game, so it's hard not to feel uncomfortable for a few of them. Poor Rino looks like she could use a nice deep tissue massage after the first playthrough. Regardless, the art is well done, with nice touches such as regularly blinking eyes. 

The music is pleasant and quietly complements the on screen text. There's a good variety, so you don't end up hearing the same tracks over and over as in some visual novels. Sound effects are excellent. Every time there's a reference to something, such as splashing water or crickets, there's an accompanying sound effect. One cool example is when the class splits up to rehearse lines, and you can hear the background chatter echo through the classroom. Japanese voice acting is well done. Performances vary, with definite A, B, C classes of performance, but most of the main characters have good voice work with voices that fit the characters. Incidental characters often sound somewhat awkward, however. Also of note in Koenchu is the estimated 10 hours of radio programming. Each night, before bed, you have the option of listening to the radio, which has both music and scripted shows.

If u love visual novels I really advice you to buy this :3

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A really well made anime app.


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Nyaruko-san Battery Checker
$1.92 / 216 JPY | 20pt (10% back)Smartphone
The eponymous cutie of Haiy*re! Nyaruko-san reports on your Android device's resources.
  • Release: Apr/28/2012
  • DL: 15

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This application is one of the best made battery widgets for android. I checked many other apps (anime related widgets) and so far this is the best widget I ever saw... not to mention she is cute too. What I really like about this app is the information that most other widgets give to you but this has something more... and thats a really funny picture with her being harassed by you or rather being killed by your tapping. Her mood changes as the battery is depleted into a more and more dark side... you can notice a big difference when your battery is 20% or lower. She becomes more dark and creepy but she's cute at the same time. Also if you're a fan of Haiy*re! Nyaruko-san anime this is a must and u shouldn't miss this chance. The full version is full of pros and you can't really say anything bad about it. If you're planning on using the lite version you will be pretty disappointed cause of lacking of nyaruko pictures... more reason to upgrade to the full version. There are many apps like this on this site but I really like this one because I'm a fan of the anime. If you are an anime fan and u want something unique I really suggest u try this app!

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