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Pickup!Surreal Science Fiction!


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Syosui Tou Anthology 1
$9.72 / 1,080 JPY | 100pt (Point 10%)
Point 10%
Volumes 1 through 5. 104 total pages. Highly recommended.
Doujin SoftwareMangaHTML + Imagewith PDF File
  • Release: Aug/27/2011
  • DL: 16
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A very interesting Science Fiction series by Takahiro Awatake, revolving around a group of students discovering nanotech "coral" around their town.

Has some slight nudity as a joke in a few scenes, although this is tasteful and not sexual in nature.

I highly recommend downloading the "Shii" translations of this work from Shii's website. He only makes this available for people who can prove they purchased this work from DLSite.

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