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Pickup!Hilarious Crossover!


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RozenBallT Eps 1-2
secret society decepticon
$3.84 / 432JPY
Rozen Ma*den x Dr*gon Ball! Two epic battles intertwined!
  • Release: Sep/20/2010
  • Purchased: 2x

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I didn't know what to expect from this (not knowing much about Rozen Ma*den) but happened to be a DBZ fan so I checked this out. It turned out out to be pretty funny and made for a unique crossover. It has that exact same feeling of reading Dragon B*ll Z but just alot cuter.

If you're already familiar with Dragon B*ll Z then you'll have an idea of where this is going, only with the added twist of comical mischievous making it completely different.

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Pickup!Short but funny.


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Digital Steel Remake - Red Eyed Brothers of Ishval
$2.88 / 324JPY
Comedic stories themed on Fullm*tal Alch*mist featuring Scar and his brother.
Older Brother
  • Release: Jul/21/2010
  • Purchased: 1x

Even though it's short, it makes up for it in it's humor. Just like the Armstrong Family, you don't need spoken dialogue to know what's going on. And with the main focus being about Scar and his Brother, you see some cute humor.

On top of that, theres even a few jokes with the Elrics that add to the diversity of the authors 4-koma style including a few color pages and a joke with Scar's brother transmuting himself into chocolate.

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Pickup!Funny as hell!


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Digital Steel Remake - Armstrong Family
$5.77 / 648JPY
This is a collection of doujinshi up until now, compiled into one large volume.
  • Release: Aug/22/2010
  • Purchased: 1x

This was really nice, the author did a good at making me laugh and it kinda reminds me of the little 4-koma's in the back of the original FMA. Even if you don't read Japanese, the action spoke for itself and though each comic was short, they kinda went in a theme that connected them to one another making them even longer jokes.

Not all the jokes were about the Armstrongs though, there were even some involving Father and company, with a few jabs at Envy. All in all, i'm glad I got this.

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