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Til May. 9, noon (JST)
Minikle's Background CG Material Collection "Mansion" part03
$18.05 / 1,944 JPY  >> $9.02 50% OFF  / 972 JPY
This is a set of 6 background materials of the mansion.
  • Release: Mar/05/2009
  • DL: 21
  • (6)

Unlike most background CG packs on this site, this pack contains *exactly* six images. Only one size (large), only one format (bmp), and with no time-of-day variations. There is a picture of the front of a mansion by day and a picture of the front of a mansion by night, but they are very obviously not the same mansion at all!

The internal room pictures have windows flooded with sunlight and no night/evening variants. Very disappointing, especially considering that this circle's packs are priced higher than all other packs I've seen here - and all the other packs are clearly superior.

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