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Pickup!One of the best games ever made. No, really.


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English Ver.
Hatoful Boyfriend -Hatoful complete edition-
$3.89 / 432 JPY
The full version of the world's greatest pigeon dating visual novel, in English.
  • Release: Feb/15/2012
  • DL: 7282
  • (122)

First off, a warning: the G rating given by DLSite is a filthy lie. It's true that nothing is ever actually visually depicted (it just relies on text and well-timed fading to red,) but that's kind of like saying Thomas Harris novels should be rated G because nothing is ever actually visually depicted. If you possess the ability to read and any imagination whatsoever, any scene with Doctor Iwamine in it alone pushes the game into a fairly solid R.

However, that aside, this game is a lot, and I mean *a lot* better than it has any right to be. It starts off as an otome-style dating sim/visual novel with cutout photographs of birds, primarily pigeons. It sounds like the most bizarre thing ever, and for the first couple of playthroughs, it is. You'll laugh at the madness, the implausible scenarios (just how do pigeons use those desks from the classroom background, anyway?) and the goofy dialogue, as if the whole thing were some sort of twisted parody.

But then ... something happens, and you acclimate yourself to the weird world of pigeon dating, and all the sudden the cast reveals itself as the well-developed, sympathetic, and strong characters they all actually secretly are. Certain endings start to break your heart instead of your brain, and if you get all the standard endings, it unlocks a final route with a sudden turn into a dark, deeply emotional horror/mystery that completely defies description.

In short, you laugh at the very premise of this game, and you are right to do so. However, it is secretly one of the greatest visual novels, if not one of the greatest games ever made. I'm serious. So is the game, eventually.

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