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A fun puzzle game

Nov/08/2011   By Darkspartan17Reviewer Rank: Top 50

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Caramel Pudding's Big Adventure
$4.93 / 540 JPY
Pudding-kun lost his caramel, and goes on a quest to find it. Over 100 puzzle stages!
GamePuzzleEXEInc. MusicTrial
  • Release: Oct/23/2011
  • DL: 1

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This game is pretty funny I must admit the story goes on like this a pudding lost his caramel and go to various stage to get it back

With over a 100 levels Caramel Pudding's Big Adventure will keep you in for a while. Puzzle games expert will be amazed thanks to the complexity of some level later on the game, the length of it and also the hilarious setting that it has.

Overall this a very funny game and puzzle game fans will like it. I give this game a decent 6,5 out of 10

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Pickup!Short but funny.

Nov/01/2011   By Skeleton SnaxReviewer Rank: Top 50

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Digital Steel Remake - Red Eyed Brothers of Ishval
$2.96 / 324 JPY
Comedic stories themed on Fullm*tal Alch*mist featuring Scar and his brother.
  • Release: Jul/21/2010
  • DL: 1

Even though it's short, it makes up for it in it's humor. Just like the Armstrong Family, you don't need spoken dialogue to know what's going on. And with the main focus being about Scar and his Brother, you see some cute humor.

On top of that, theres even a few jokes with the Elrics that add to the diversity of the authors 4-koma style including a few color pages and a joke with Scar's brother transmuting himself into chocolate.

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A good start

Oct/27/2011   By Kenji321Reviewer Rank: Top 50

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English Ver.
Mikumari Vol. 1
$4.93 / 540 JPY
In the "Age of the Evening Calm" of "Yokohama K*idashi Kiko" manga series, freediver girl M*kki finds herself engaged in a great adventure to win the love of her sweetheart.
DoujinshiMangaJPEGPDF Included
  • Release: Oct/26/2011
  • DL: 80
  • (18)

Keywords the reviewer selected :

This seems to be the first manga work from this artist and its a good start.

Transitions from scene to scene can be very abrupt (though confusing only rarely).

The translation is good for the English readers to understand what's going on. Hopefully more focus can be put on it in future.

I'm happy with the product and hopefully the work will continue.

I would suggest reading a volume from the original work this derives from to appreciate this more.

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Pickup!Original music for our games, videos... awesome price.

Oct/24/2011   By Lust3DReviewer Rank: Top 50

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Til May. 9, noon (JST)
Copyright-free sound collection Vol.3 (MP3/65 tracks)
$11.84 / 1,296 JPY  >> $1.17 90% OFF  / 129 JPY
Short MP3 singles and other various tracks and mixes for background music use.
SoftwareMusicMP3Inc. MusicTrial
  • Release: Dec/07/2010
  • DL: 23
  • (11)

It's hard to get music for much of our works on the net: Youtube restricts copyright (we need to have the rights of the copyright music in our videos to make money), videogames, personal projects... We can download music from somewhere but the "free" usage isn't always clear. This music is 100% original, for us. The music of this pack is standard (there is no catchy music with tunes) but some of them sounds good. A lot of them are like action/thriller music, but there is some relaxing. If you are making games, even hentai games, this is good. Test the product before you buy it, all the music of the pack is there for test. The best of all is the price: No more copyright problems and awesome price for 50+ background musics!

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Pickup!Roskreuzstielette : The Awesome M*ga Man Clone

Oct/18/2011   By Darkspartan17Reviewer Rank: Top 50

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$11.84 / 1,296 JPY
This game is a 2D side scrolling action platformer.
GameActionEXEInc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial
  • Release: Jul/17/2009
  • DL: 438
  • (38)

Rosenkreuzstilette is a game developed by erka:es that follows the same concept of M*ga Man 4,5,6 (Two forress stages and 8 bosses) and also throws a lot of references of the classic and X series along with other references most notably from Castl*vania.

Gameplay : Being a M*ga Man clone, Rosenkreuzstilette controls feel just the same. There are two modes you can choose: Story Mode and Arcade Mode. Story Mode shows conversation between the characters before and after a boss fight while Arcade is just the gameplay without text. Rosenkreuzstilette just like M*ga Man has a password system to save the game but fortress stages must be beaten in one setting since there is no password for them. The game is decently long and not too difficult if you use the boss weakness with Spiritia however there is another character in the game. Once you complete the game, there is a code that allows you to play as Grolla in this mode, you take double damage and obtain nothing from bosses which makes a pretty difficult mode. Armed with just her sword, she controls very similarly to Zero from the M*ga Man X series with the ability to dash and wall-jump. Finally, there is a replay option and it can be uploaded online for other people to see.

Spiritia: The people of RKS decided to start a war on the order of Michael Sepperin, the leader of the Organisation. RKS reclaim their independence against the Empire. Spiritia however doesn't agree and tries to stop her friends from all this madness.

Grolla: It is like Spiritia but the difference is that Grolla found out what Iris, the daughter of Michael was really up to and decided to kill her in order to stop the rebellion from happening.

Overall, Rosenkreuzstilette is a quality doujin clone of the M*ga Man series. I heavily recommend that you download it. Especially, for old school M*ga Man fans who want to play in a similar way of the classic series.

Rosenkreuzstilette for me gets an 8,5 out of 10.

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Pickup!Funny as hell!

Oct/04/2011   By Skeleton SnaxReviewer Rank: Top 50

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Digital Steel Remake - Armstrong Family
$5.92 / 648 JPY
This is a collection of doujinshi up until now, compiled into one large volume.
  • Release: Aug/22/2010
  • DL: 1

This was really nice, the author did a good at making me laugh and it kinda reminds me of the little 4-koma's in the back of the original FMA. Even if you don't read Japanese, the action spoke for itself and though each comic was short, they kinda went in a theme that connected them to one another making them even longer jokes.

Not all the jokes were about the Armstrongs though, there were even some involving Father and company, with a few jabs at Envy. All in all, i'm glad I got this.

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Sep/22/2011   By Tunderhorn

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Til May. 9, noon (JST)
$8.88 / 972 JPY  >> $6.66 25% OFF  / 729 JPY
A high speed fighting game unfolds on a stage set on the artificial island aquapolis, "Axel City"!
GameActionEXEInc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. AnimeTrial
  • Release: Nov/13/2007
  • DL: 26
  • (9)

Keywords the reviewer selected :

As a doujin game, it is well done. The characters are well drawn, as the cutscenes are.

In some fights (Agito for instance) the opponent stays in one side of the screen and won't move, increasing his Axel Gauge and then just punches in the wind when you come to him/her.

One the other hand, Reydey, and others, move well and fight without waiting.

The roster is nice and the ambiance is great, served well by the story artwork.

As a conclusion, it is really a good doujin fighting game.

Good fighting games are rare on the computer, and this one is a good doujin fighting game.

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Pickup!Songs of High School Star

Aug/08/2011   By Taihen HentaiReviewer Rank: 10

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Second Dimensional Tease Milky Way
Magical Galaxy
$2.96 / 324 JPY
The 2nd mini-album from female vocalist and guitar rock group Magical Galaxy!
SoftwareMusicMP3Inc. Music
  • Release: May/24/2011
  • DL: 3

This item is superbly well made for a doujin music album. the song lyrics are beautifully written and the fact that only three, if i remember correctly, members are in the band. these are one of the cases that causes my to think of robots for super robot w*rs game when i listen to them. i honestly hope for more works from this circle or ones like this one. i took a look at their site, and i was very suprised into how much work it looked like they put into it. If your going to get anything from the all ages site, this must be it.

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Pickup!Knightmares Remade

Aug/05/2011   By Taihen HentaiReviewer Rank: 10

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Knightmare mechanics
$0.98 / 108 JPY
Code G*ass stylized mecha design + original "knightmare" works.
SoftwareCG SetPDF
  • Release: Dec/28/2010
  • DL: 22
  • (7)

Keywords the reviewer selected :

Truly a work from a master who knows his Knightmares from his own wooden horse from childhood. With this product, the artist allows us to see some possible designs for the other Knightmares for the knights of the round (Nonnette Enne*gram, Dorothea Er*st, Monica Krusz*wski) as well as some redesigns of the Vincent and Lancelot. It, to me, is very had to ignore this level of quality at this low of a price. Any code geass or mecha otaku will enjoy it, and others might get other ideas from it.

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Pickup!Third Times a Charm

Jun/14/2011   By MarioReviewer Rank: Top 50

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Future song and linked eyes
Supplement Time
$9.87 / 1,080 JPY
A game featuring Miku.
GameAdventureEXEInc. MusicInc. Anime
  • Release: Nov/02/2009
  • DL: 46
  • (6)

This is the third and final chapter of Supplement Time's "Miku Kisu" series. Following the events of "To You of the Future - I give you every song..." and "The Bells Sing The Future's Timbre," "Future Song and Linked Eyes" continues the ever growing love between a young musician (you) and a beautiful android girl named Miku. After gaining popularity (as seen in the previous entries), Miku aims to further her diva career and make it to the top. This chapter includes a rather large cast of android "diva" who join Miku to help her along the way. Rin, a the second protagonist of the second game, returns as well as other Vocaloid such as Len, Luka, Meiko, and Kaito. This not only improves the story telling, but also gives some excellent fan service to us Vocaloid fans. This game is a must to any who have played the previous 2 games. For those who haven't, there is no better time then the present!

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