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Pickup!A Tale of love and something more

Sep/09/2009   By Ichymaru

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Be alive
$5.72 / 648 JPY | 60pt (10% back)
A comic about T*LES OF PHANTASIA.
SoftwareDigital ComicHTML + ImagePDF IncludedProtected
  • Release: Sep/08/2009
  • DL: 0

A Tale Between a girl and boy is always a good start for a story

Is funny, Interesting, entertaining, to see how the history continue and happens the least considered things..

And in all tale is a evil men or woman how want to conquer the world of heart of the protagonist and broke the link between the person he/she love

This remember to the tales of the old castles with a lady in the tower and the dragon and the prince ready to rescue the girl and save the day

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Sep/01/2009   By Dorne

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English Ver. MVX-11
$5.72 / 648 JPY | 60pt (10% back)
In a robotics research facility lies dormant the most advanced weapon; the MVX-11...
SoftwareDigital ComicJPEG
  • Release: Apr/28/2009
  • DL: 4

Keywords the reviewer selected :

The art I found was good; details are very clean. The sound effects seem alright, but some of them could have been done better.

The plot is pretty bland and straightforward. The backstory page given in the beginning pretty much sums up what will happen in the entire piece. I would have found it much better if the author removed that page entirely. The characters are very two dimensional. Almost no changes occur personality wise.

There are some spelling mistakes as well, something which should be screened before giving out to the public.
All in all an alright piece. Had the plot been better, characters more dimensional, and polished a little more, I would have recommended it.

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Pickup!As expected from FoxEye!

Jul/13/2009   By Shaun

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English Ver. AQUA CUBE (Language: English)
$15.27 / 1,728 JPY | 160pt (10% back)
An action game where you rescue a boy or girl who has been trapped within a cube like aquarium in the water.
GamePuzzleEXEInc. VoiceInc. Music3DCGTrialProtected
  • Release: Jan/21/2009
  • DL: 157
  • (27)

This game was amazing, both for those with and UW Fetish, and those who just want a good Action/Puzzle game. I rate this *5 Stars*. Not sure how this compares to the "Blue Port: The Summer Memories" set, but none the less it is a great game. I have yet, of course, to beat the game still. But I have gotten to the second island. It is a bit challenging, but not *too* hard. I recommend this to all, not only those with and underwater fetish.

Also, though FOX's games seem to be mainly focused on the female, as shown on the product's page, this game features a boy and a girl, for both audiences. FOX sure did put a lot of time and effort into this game so that all audiences could enjoy it. For $20, everybody should be jumping onto this game.

Thanks once again FOX, for your amazing products, and the time, effort, and I am sure, money put into this product, and your future, up coming products.

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Pickup!T-Zero's Vocalist

Jun/08/2009   By BlackArkReviewer Rank: Top 50

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Paper Figure - Vocalist -
$9.54 / 1,080 JPY | 100pt (10% back)
This is a paper craft of the vocalist from the circle's animation "KirariX BAND."
  • Release: Feb/10/2009
  • DL: 7

Just bought it and its gonna be a tough one to build but a little easier than the maid. Unlike the maid from the same circle this one doesn't have other options for the looks. From examining the files there no actual body to build only the clothes legs and a frame that you use to hold them together and There are less parts compared to the maid model.
Get the pepakura viewer to view the .Pdo file it helps a lot when building it.

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Apr/21/2009   By HardcoreReviewer Rank: Top 50

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Pantzer Skirt no Naka no Tankyu sha
$4.77 / 540 JPY | 50pt (10% back)
A simple, easy game like Pelmanism. A man who have a perverted fetish for panties takes his revenge on a woman he could not see her panties.
  • Release: Mar/14/2007
  • DL: 9

Keywords the reviewer selected :

A game where the objective is to defeat the furry characters in a game, the reward being you get to see their panties after a win. There is no nudity.

The game plays exactly like the "Concentration" classic card game. Each card has 1, 2, or 3 dots, either green or purple. You have to match cards of the same color and number of dots, dealing "damage points" equal to the number of dots. Whichever meter you run out first gives you a different CG.

Its not bad if you have a furry or panty fetish..

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Ecchi, but very small

Apr/09/2009   By HardcoreReviewer Rank: Top 50

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Print-size CG Illustrations, Original Collection, Vol. 2 Hor*
Mix Station
$6.68 / 756 JPY | 70pt (10% back)
This collection includes 2 varieties of images based on the theme "O*ami to Koshinryo" in B5 size pre-background merging.
SoftwareCG SetImage
  • Release: Jun/28/2008
  • DL: 3

Keywords the reviewer selected :

When you see the size, you likely wouldnt think this is 6 files, but it is.

Its a CG set with three ecchi pictures of Ho*o (from Spice and Wolf). A Bikini picture, a sexy pose (she covers herself with her arms), and one where she is lying down (with some strategically placed furs). There are high resolution JPGs and Printshop PSDs of the pictures.

The quality is there, but the quantity doesnt match the price. I would pass on this.

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Warning - Extremely limited

Mar/23/2009   By Hanako

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Minikle's Background CG Material Collection "Mansion" part03
$17.18 / 1,944 JPY | 180pt (10% back)
This is a set of 6 background materials of the mansion.
  • Release: Mar/05/2009
  • DL: 19
  • (5)

Unlike most background CG packs on this site, this pack contains *exactly* six images. Only one size (large), only one format (bmp), and with no time-of-day variations. There is a picture of the front of a mansion by day and a picture of the front of a mansion by night, but they are very obviously not the same mansion at all!

The internal room pictures have windows flooded with sunlight and no night/evening variants. Very disappointing, especially considering that this circle's packs are priced higher than all other packs I've seen here - and all the other packs are clearly superior.

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Mikumiku Cuteness

Mar/23/2009   By Peridox

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$6.68 / 756 JPY | 70pt (10% back)
Miku-fy your desktop! You can have a chibi SD size Hats*ne Miku hang out and live on your PC's desktop as a 3D mascot.
SoftwareUtilityEXEInc. Music3DCGTrial
  • Release: Oct/11/2008
  • DL: 17
  • (5)

Keywords the reviewer selected :

This is a 3-D desktop mascot of Miku Hatsune from the Vocaloid program in Japan. She is highly detailed and can be rotated at all angles while on the desktop. As suspected, she will sing for you - when you open the program you are given choices as to what she looks like and what she will sing. While the program is cute, it is limited to just these options and cannot be added to.

I'd look at the sample first, because it has pretty much all the features the full program does. If you really like it, then pick it up, but I wouldn't necessarily jump for this product.

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An excellent J-pop Mix!

Dec/01/2008   By Maruby

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Voild Child
$4.77 / 540 JPY | 100pt 20% back
IOSYS void presents its first original album
SoftwareMusicMP3Inc. Music
  • Release: Nov/05/2008
  • DL: 8

Keywords the reviewer selected :

I listen to a lot of J-pop artists, and I love artists who have an interesting diveristy to their work. This IOSYS album not only offers a satisfying variety in terms of songs but in the tone of music as well. Just about half of this album is composed of vocal tracks. Some are bouncy and wholesome like the first track, solemn and wistful like "Evan's Gambit", or a pure ballad like track 5. The mixture of energy, cuteness, and wonder make this one of my favorite IOSYS albums. For the price it was well worth what I received.

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Cute, non-nude, lingerie-themed CG collection

Nov/17/2008   By Burnit

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Apricot vol.01
$7.63 / 864 JPY | 80pt (10% back)
Apricot is the first installment in the series focusing on feminine underclothing. 40 images (10 main x 4 alternate).
SoftwareCG SetBMP3DCG
  • Release: Jul/27/2006
  • DL: 6

Keywords the reviewer selected :

Apricot vol.01 is nothing more than pics of one girl trying on 6 different sets of lingerie and posing in different lighting around the room. There is absolutely no nudity or even sexually suggestive posing. The underwear isn't even particularly sexy but they aren't too conservative either. Cute is the best word I could describe them as. All of them have a flower theme as well and are your basic frilly and lacy underwear. They come in black, pink, blue, white, and orange.

The girl is very cute and the lingerie is cute but some of the angles they get in some of the lighting situations is just a little too dark and the pic loses a lot of detail. I can still appreciate what the artist was trying to do though.

If you are looking for some sexual poses or nudity this isn't the right product. This is softcore posing in very average lingerie. The pics would make excellent wallpapers if lingerie is a fetish of yours and you don't want something hardcore on a slideshow screensaver or wallpaper though.

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