Released on May/08/2010 (3 works)

TokiNoHa A collection of CG illustrations Vol.02 [tokinoha]
TokiNoHa A collection of CG illustrations Vol.02
$4.50 / 540 JPY (Point 3%)
Collection of CG illustrations from Lyr*cal Nanoha, K-*n! and others.
Doujin SoftwareCG Collection HTML + Image
toho sairi youroku [rappaya]
toho sairi youroku
$2.70 / 324 JPY (Point 3%)
A hi-res CG image collection of Touhou illustrations created over the years and various places.
Doujin SoftwareCG Collection JPEG File

Hakurei Dance Song Collection [C9]
Hakurei Dance Song Collection
$6.31 / 756 JPY (Point 3%)
A club music CD album themed on Touhou Pr*ject's Re*mu Hakurei only!
Doujin SoftwareMusic MP3 File with Musicwith Trial Version

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