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NEW! DLsite Girls' Side!!

We are glad to introduce our new page for all yaoi / boys' love / otome genre fans!
DLsite Girls' Side

Samu's LABO
$15.99 (1,620 JPY)
Mommy and son's sweeeeet H life! 3D movie collection / WMV / 37 min / CV: Hiiro Mamiya

From the Wombs of the Buki, Hell Will Be Born
PichiPichi Gallery R
$14.92 (1,512 JPY)
F*ck them all... Humans live to serve the demonic master race!

The Ex-Yankee Chick Next Door Is Way Too Flirty...
Yukijirushi Nyugyou
$7.46 (756 JPY)
She came around in a revealing outfit, like she does. This time I couldn't contain myself.

This Is Sex Training! -Just Like That. Will You Tease Me More?-
Blindfold Girl
$7.46 (756 JPY)
The commander applies what may be called occult training to Inazuma and Ikazuchi.

Relationship of Kiseki and Teikou basketball manager - Purple Bear edition
Night Dream
$7.46 (756 JPY)
Mukkun does fresh cream play with female Kuroko.

Relationship of Kiseki and Teikou basketball manager - Red Fox edition
Night Dream
$7.46 (756 JPY)
Akashi gets it on with Kuroko in the middle of a study session.

jelly a la mode
$6.39 (648 JPY)
A girl in search of her missing sister meets the goddess of the forest.

Double Whispering Cumpump - Yuzuka and Shiina
Love Dream
$12.79 (1,296 JPY)
Petite cousin Yuzuka brings a friend to play with oniichan's big thing. (CVs: Rutolo Nanagi, Natyu Aizawa)

Love Love Lecture
$7.46 (756 JPY)
Unsophisticated cuties Chiaki and Chihiro earn about romance from Usami-sensei. (Dang*nronpa)

Mischief of Yandere Big Sister - Kiss Me, My Love
ajaib suara
$8.52 (864 JPY)
Crazy-in-love sister wants to have a happy ending with you. (CV: Biyori Koharu)

Older sister and her friend play with the huge d*ck of a shonen
My Pretty Red Dress
$7.46 (756 JPY)
Sho-kun visited his older sister's house for the first time in ages.

SUki x sUKi x suKI
$4.26 (432 JPY)
AkaNeji, HaMiya, MiNebu 4-panel comedy comics. (Kur*ko no B*suke)

Mayucchi's Does an Ecchi Podcast with a Binaural Mic
Ak Voice
$10.66 (1,080 JPY)
Popular webcaster "Mayucchi" uses her new Roland CS-10EM mic to give her fans something wonderful.

Demon Girl Mireru - A little succubus -
$7.46 (756 JPY)
Demon Tireru has cursed Mireru with a thirst for semen.

Hana Zakuro
$2.13 (216 JPY)
The illustrated "shop girls" of Hana Zakuro.

Upskirt Simulator SP04: Garter Belts
$3.19 (324 JPY)
Garter belt accessories to decorate those luscious inner thighs.

No Quarter For This Combatant
$5.33 (540 JPY)
A hopelessly weak fighter puts it all into her enemy but gets completely wrecked.

Asuka Illusion Vol.20 - Asuka Spirited Away
Mikuna Shirohashi
$21.32 (2,160 JPY)
Asuka has been carried off to Kon no Sei like Dorothy to the land of Oz... SPECIAL ISSUE

Mom Cheats On Dad... With Her Son
circle spice
$7.46 (756 JPY)
An incest story.

Memories of Summer with Nuki Nuki Nechan.
$7.46 (756 JPY)
What a hillbilly girl did with the local boys one hot, wet summer in the country.

Hana Tori Kaoru Tsuki: Flower, Bird, Fragrance, Moon
$6.39 (648 JPY)
Noble born Ayame learns about the suffering of the "robins" of the lower class. A love story / 12 tracks, 9 CVs

Proselytizers L*gy & Esc*a
$5.33 (540 JPY)
A heartwarming Alch*mists of the D*st Sky drama CD.

I'm Not A Chikan!
$1.06 (108 JPY)
A girl is pressed against me just now. So I have to say it. I want to be clear.

$3.19 (324 JPY)
Dang*nr*npa 1 & 2 all character fan comics. Spoiler alert.

Benjogari 3: Busty Gunner & Doctor
$7.46 (756 JPY)
Extreme S&M CGs with Shizuru Fujim*ra, Kiriko A*i from anime God*nner.

Seikan Controller
$7.46 (756 JPY)
Arisa had no idea her older sister was making her feel have these sudden urges.

The Myth of Sin Forgot
Wakazuma Koen Setsuei Butai
$6.39 (648 JPY)
Sa*nt Se*ya's Rada x Kano R-18 / Plus Aiolos x Kanon

Play Rough
A Gathering of Human Waste
$5.33 (540 JPY)
A CG collection of brutal S&M play.

Dangerous Kaleidoscope 2
$15.99 (1,620 JPY)
The 2nd original collaboration album from PIKU2N and minami. 14 tracks (7 full + 7 karaoke)

Miki Miki
$3.19 (324 JPY)
Two Mikis in one talent group? The producer entrusts one to the other.

The Golden Attorney
$15.99 (1,620 JPY)
Umin*ko no Naku K*ro ni characters in an A*e Attorney-style courtroom battle game!

Date:2013-09-27 DL:1

Confessions - Nozomi's Case
Melty Beans
$8.52 (864 JPY)
Nozomi's experience as a nude model for a room of male artists...

Date:2013-06-23 DL:2

Polka Dot 6
$6.39 (648 JPY)
The sixth fetish manga of young girls on the theme of piss.

Date:2014-03-21 DL:1

Copyright Free Materials - School Entrance, Classroom
$8.52 (864 JPY)
Copyright-free material which can be used for comics, games, etc.

Date:2013-12-09 DL:4

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