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NEW! DLsite Girls' Side!!

We are glad to introduce our new page for all yaoi / boys' love / otome genre fans!
DLsite Girls' Side

Inner body chain fever: jugem
$6.34 (648 JPY)
Arle, Amitie and Ringo in a parallel universe where there are huge loads of Puyos.

Full Color Illustrations Vol.1
$26.44 (2,700 JPY)
An assortment of full color quality loli by MOMONGA CLUB.

Asuka Illusion Vol.17 - Mother's Thoughts
Mikuna Shirohashi
$26.44 (2,700 JPY)
Asuka and party meet a shonen searching for his mother. But that mother is...

The Taste of Anti-Allergens
Vinegar Tofu
$3.17 (324 JPY)
Sneezy with hayfever, two girls pop into a tea shop for some anti-allergenic tea.

To Teach an Innocent JK
$6.34 (648 JPY)
CGs about the sexual education of innocent neighbor Hina-chan -- a new girl in TareHam's "precocious bitch imouto" series.

Sayonara San-nin Kichisa
$2.11 (216 JPY)
A rather serious parody of Kunis*ki Izumo no J*jo created for Winter Comiket 2013. Lots of changes have been made.

$4.23 (432 JPY)
Lovemaking in a field of mushrooms.

Sweat Woman & Muscle Futanari!!
Zero ni Kaeru Tsuki
$1.05 (108 JPY)
For body fetishists. Estrum of ultra muscular babes.

Brokedown Love - Kouhai Edition
Party Night
$6.34 (648 JPY)
An R-18 voice drama about senpai (you) x kohai (Yumi) (CV: Rutolo Nanagi) in S&M roles. Makeout, groping, toe sucking, fellatio, pre-orgasm denial and sex.

Sexplosion Heart
$7.40 (756 JPY)
My grandfather gifted me an enchanted seal that makes my 5 sisters go love-crazy.

Concentrated Animal Land
$1.05 (108 JPY)
Usayama's adorable and funny 4-panel comic strip series.

Tentacles x Gym Uniform 3
$5.28 (540 JPY)
Original PE outfit tentacle CG collection.

$12.69 (1,296 JPY)
Join a 3-day assist course with Legendr*sta Natasha with 3 mission types and various ecchi perils. Based on MHFG.

Super M Samurai Girl Tightwrung Ero Juice Event - Apr 2014
$6.34 (648 JPY)
Defeated on the battlefield, warrior women splurge to the joys of men in the subsequent "punishment game".

GUN Collection vol.3
$10.57 (1,080 JPY)
3D Custom Girl mod data. Gun model: M4 carbine with optional att

Why Are Plain Otaku Girls So Into Sex!
P Herb
$7.40 (756 JPY)
The main and side stories in artwork of a hikikomori girl in glasses who spends winter vacation at a guy's apartment.

Brother & Sister Dot!
$6.34 (648 JPY)
The pixel art anime version of "Brother & Sister", a previous illustration collection.

A Kind Man
$4.23 (432 JPY)
This is a short story about a lover's quarrel with a happy ending. :)

2-Panel Ahegao -Brute Warrior Woman-
$6.34 (648 JPY)
5 women from Al*ce Soft's R*nce eroge series "before" and "after" their descent into sexual madness.

Unlikely Bride of the Vampire
sleepy cat
$2.11 (216 JPY)
No good deed goes unpunished: I helped an immortal, he turned me into a woman so he could marry me.

The Majestic Girth That Allowed A Repulsive Slob To Be The School's Harem King
$7.40 (756 JPY)
Ataru got teased by the girls for his looks, but when one took out his penis in an attempt to shame him, everything changed.

Bad Teacher 2
Kudamono Monogatari
$6.34 (648 JPY)
So that's what Ms. Teranishi and the school principal do in their morning meetings.

FLEETING Pleasures
Paw Punch
$7.40 (756 JPY)
Kant*i C*llection erotic CGs (Shim*kaze, Is*zu)

Tentacle Mercury
$7.40 (756 JPY)
Tentacle porn'd Ami M*zuno from the S**lor Moon series!

The Story of the Young Wife with Big Tits who Went Jogging and I Captured and Objectified
$7.40 (756 JPY)
Man meets woman. Man falls in lust. Man stalks woman and jumps her during her morning jog! A classic love story.

Pure Idol Haramase R*pe
$7.40 (756 JPY)
A top idol goes on a 2-week swimsuit shoot witha a photographer who has you-know-what on his mind.

Magical Girl Gone Boko Boko Brainwashed Senseless Sex Story
The Explorer Ogura
$6.34 (648 JPY)
This is the tragic, brief story of little Yuuka, a girl recruited to the magical girl cause.

Netorare * JK Newlywed Health Nurse
Spinach Salad
$8.46 (864 JPY)
A virtuous teacher found hidden cameras installed by the vice principal, and his virtues began to slip.

Tomboy Fighter - As If A Mazo Doll
$7.40 (756 JPY)
Boyish female fighter Elm has unparalleled confidence, but that doesn't make her invincible.

Anime / Doujin BG Repeat Materials Short NO40
$5.28 (540 JPY)
Looping music that can be used in doujin projects as BGM or accompaniment to artwork.

Date:2013-12-28 DL:1

Attack on Potato Girl
Hot Ice Cocoa
$4.23 (432 JPY)
S*sha (Attack on Tit*n) barters sex for food. Then the giants break through.

Date:2013-06-08 DL:1

The Daily Life of Lesbians in a Roomshare
$8.46 (864 JPY)
The ordinary life of Yuri Sakuma and her older female roommate. (CV: Nekomaru Satou)

Date:2014-01-04 DL:1

Her 5 Levels of Acme/Molested Endurance [Snorting 30 Orgasm OL Edition]
$5.28 (540 JPY)
For five consecutive days an office lady with an attitude is molested on the city train until she's a piggish mess.

Date:2013-10-22 DL:1

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