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NEW! DLsite Girls' Side!!

We are glad to introduce our new page for all yaoi / boys' love / otome genre fans!
DLsite Girls' Side

Asuna Disgrace Quest
$6.16 (630 JPY)
Asuna is shamed in a prison game in the real world.

Demon Kings Like Groping Women On Trains, Too!
Hengen Monogatari
$7.19 (735 JPY)
Bored of rap*ng and pillaging, a demon king turns to train molestation like a common chikan.

Ero Cosplay DREAM 4
$7.19 (735 JPY)
Tia Harr*bel of BL*ACH, the beautiful princess of Hueco Mundo, as a sexy high leg bunny girl.

A girl turning into an item SP 3 ~museum of dolls~
$8.21 (840 JPY)
The story of kidnapping girls and turning them into "items"

My Winning Play: I Drugged Kasumi, That JK Mahjong Girl With the Big Tits
Breast Paradise
$11.30 (1,155 JPY)
Big-breasted Kasumi from S*ki it on with a zealous man. 21 CG scenes, high res JPEG format, animated with Javascript + HTML.

Home Invasion Audiotape
$6.16 (630 JPY)
A virginal schoolgirl is r*ped by a home intruder who records it all.

Secret Me Can't Stop
Melty Beans
$8.21 (840 JPY)
The narrative of a girl who is in love with her senpai... who is dating her little sister. (CV: Nanako Igarashi)

Guidance Counseling at a Certain Agricultural HS.
$7.19 (735 JPY)
No-R*n's Minori Nak*zawa (and a bit of B*kki and Koch*u) CG collection.

Buxom Reiko In A Single Wet Towel
$7.19 (735 JPY)
Reiko popped out of her apartment to sign for a package in the middle of her shower, and the door locked behind her.

$10.27 (1,050 JPY)
A master pervert sees a lesser pervert grope a woman on the train, and presents himself as a lawyer.

Restraint Boys
$7.19 (735 JPY)
Young boy "Akito" sought a play partner to explore his bondage fetish. He met "Sensei" on a personals website.

Moekami+R m-01
$4.10 (420 JPY)
This is a touchy-touch app comprising 60 short movies of a bishoujo in stylish black.

battle muscle sisters
$9.24 (945 JPY)
Erwin x Levi. Based on Att*ck on T*tan manga volume #53, "Sh*njiru Baka".

$3.08 (315 JPY)
%%-- An original instrumental soundtrack album.

$1.02 (105 JPY)
Makoto and Rin are fashion models who are secretly also lovers. Inspired by an illustration I saw.

Ero Leafy Girl (+ Bonus)
$2.05 (210 JPY)
Tap the field to plant a seed which will sprout and ripen into a young girl.

What, I Don't Even
$6.16 (630 JPY)
Some kind of dark something-or-othe swoops on a hapless boy.

Horn, Tail and Corpse - The Complete Works
$15.41 (1,575 JPY)
The full, official Horn, Tail and Corpse series! Over 100 pages.

Oh God Yes Lili's Stank Pits & Gapeface * FEKKIN
Kotatsu Guild
$9.24 (945 JPY)
Mistress Emilie De Roch*fort's drenched wet armpits & f*ck comic.

Daughter of the Night 09
R. Isawa
$2.05 (210 JPY)
Dark surreal illustrations of the mysterious shape-shifting "yoru musume".

ARMZ Manga Materials vol.19 [Umika] 600dpi
$22.60 (2,310 JPY)
Copyright-free scenery/background line art materials for free use in your works.

ARMZ Manga Materials vol.19 [Umika] 1200dpi
$32.87 (3,360 JPY)
Copyright-free scenery/background line art materials for free use in your works.

Bizarre Personal Experiences - 1 - The Haunted House
$2.05 (210 JPY)
Two guys indulge themselves with a pretty high school student in the dark corridors of a carnival house.

Show Me How You DON'T Cum
$13.35 (1,365 JPY)
RIRI's sexy voice commands you to jack to the point of orgasm... then hold back.

Making It to the End
$6.16 (630 JPY)
My thing for the neighbor's wife has been a thing since the day I moved in. Z*mi Mama CG collection, 20 works (185 total)

Broken Doll 01 - The Sailor SOWdiers
$7.19 (735 JPY)
CG Collection of Sailor Mercury & Jupiter captured & fucked until broken in 7 days.

Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel [R05]
$1.02 (105 JPY)
A collection of art from Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel.

Date:2013-08-20 DL:24

Feathered Songs Vol.01+ -Sounds of STELLAVANITY-
Feathered Ether
$6.16 (630 JPY)
The OST for STELLAVANITY, the indie vertical scrolling shooter from Feathered Ether. 14 tracks + bonus / MP3

Date:2013-11-17 DL:1

Monmusu Quest! Beyond The End 3
$13.35 (1,365 JPY)
6 more parody mangas from the Quest parody works and 2 columns. 92 pages.

Date:2013-09-01 DL:38

The House in Fatamorgana
$19.52 (1,995 JPY)
"Without doubt, he who inhabits that house will be filled with sorrow." Suspense horror four years in the making. If you want help, you must open the door.

Date:2013-03-10 DL:1

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