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English Teacher Reiko: Spare the Rod and Spoil the Hentai Sow
Nikubenki Sensakusho
$8.24 (840 JPY)
Mrs. Reiko was hired to bring change to Seirin Academy. Change has come, all right... for her especially.

World Craft
Atelier Ariko / Kuroarikan
$2.06 (210 JPY)
Three friends establish, poorly, the ground rules for the new world they will create.

Developing JKs
Asai Planning
$2.06 (210 JPY)
In the style of Showa-era bishoujo comics. Retro and nostalgic loli.

Swim Club x Hypnosis Coach
$7.21 (735 JPY)
Coach Kuriyama of the girls' racing swimteam found a notebook.

$2.06 (210 JPY)
A tomboyish girl with a tough streak fights tentacles that insist on tasting her girl parts.

The Field Trip Student Who Was Mistaken For A God
$7.21 (735 JPY)
A guy on a cultural field trip is mistaken for the local god "Dankon", which he uses to have lots of sex.

Sister Drug: Pill + Precocious Imouto = Plaything
$7.21 (735 JPY)
When his tsun-tsun little sister's attitude gets too prickly to ignore, big brother takes revenge the medicinal way.

As A Mother...
$6.18 (630 JPY)
Mommy caught her son Kouta and his sister doing something siblings aren't supposed to do...

OMOSYU A RQ -The second half-
$7.21 (735 JPY)
Basketball club girls in tights, swimsuits, bloomers, panties, diapers. Piss and stripping artwork.

SPMC (Space Private Military Company)
Mashiba Kenta
$5.15 (525 JPY)
A team investigates the signal of an unregistered space station. Sci-fi vore manga.

Shitenhoji FAN-BOOK 3
MY BABY-10th
$4.12 (420 JPY)
Pr*nce of Tennis stories about the students of Shitenhoji. Although I got carried away with my love for Atobe.

Secret Circumstances of Sis and I
$7.21 (735 JPY)
The day I saw my older sister masturbating changed everything...

Motto Jeanne
Hero Battery
$3.09 (315 JPY)
Jeanne Kag*ya d'A*c (Nobun*ga the Fool) is seized by enemy forces in a whirlwind assault...

Nekomimi Louise-tan
$7.21 (735 JPY)
A Fam*liar of Zero adult doujinshi.

Sunny Dark Metamorphose 01
$6.18 (630 JPY)
C*re Sunny turns evil with the power of subliminal messaging. Her victim: C*re March.

Is it BL or NL or What
$7.21 (735 JPY)
An assortment of Boys Love and Normal Love works spanning parodies from 1970-2014.

Studio Mizuyokan
$6.18 (630 JPY)
33 total PreC*re heroines from the original Futari to Dokidoki!

Momoiro Date Story
$11.33 (1,155 JPY)
Kiyoshi and Hyuga's first date. (Kur*ko no B*suke)

Copyright Free Sound Bundle Vol.1-4
$39.15 (3,990 JPY)
SHERRY ARTS presents a 4x-pack of free-to-use sound materials at a discount price.

Ren-sama no Kai-kun
clear black
$4.12 (420 JPY)
Ren ties up and violates Kai!! (Vang*ard)

When will you have your first time? How about now 2
Vinegar Tofu
$4.12 (420 JPY)
Teacher punishes two inattentive girls students for chatting about boys in class.

You never know what you can do till you try
hoshikuzu comet
$6.18 (630 JPY)
Pao-lin's sponsor says she needs to show more sex appeal, so she turns to Ivan for help.

$4.12 (420 JPY)
Shim*kaze blows a jealous valve over the admiral having sex with another fleet girl.

Memory Album #6 - The Mesmerist the Senpai He Loves
$2.06 (210 JPY)
A guy in love with the beautiful senior girl resorts to hypnosis to get her.

Aoi Himemiya's Futanari Counseling
Ameyama telegraph
$5.15 (525 JPY)
An original futanari manga. Goth loli Aoi Himemiya is taught how to enjoy her new penis.

Date:2013-06-05 DL:1

Secret Sex Service
$7.21 (735 JPY)
CGs on the concept of four young sexy girls giving it away.

Date:2013-08-11 DL:1

Showa Pose Art Materials Set
$6.18 (630 JPY)
Posed character artwork for free use in your games, etc. Male and female characters in Showa style clothes.

Date:2013-10-16 DL:2

Standing Pose Data - Vol.10
$7.21 (735 JPY)
About 100 poses. Great reference material for artists.

Date:2013-04-14 DL:2

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