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Hentai Woman Quest - Puff Puff Side Story
$6.44 (630 JPY)
The men go wild and seize the women, whose internal slut switches turn on!

The Ghost with the O-Face!? -Cum out, Cum out, Cum out!!-
Amazora Bokujo
$9.67 (945 JPY)
Exorcism via hardcore gapefaced orgasms!

Jubei and Many Things
$4.29 (420 JPY)
Romance on the sheets of Jubei Y*gyu (Sam*rai Girls)'s bed.

Heroines In Brutal Gear
$7.52 (735 JPY)
12 characters in diverse X-rated fantasy and SF outfits, situations.

Puppetmaster Cell Phone
$7.52 (735 JPY)
Teacher Raizo bought a cell phone with a special feature to use on three delinquent girls.

Miku H*tsune Ero Illust
$1.07 (105 JPY)
Fan art of the V*caloid diva.

The Cicada Goddess
$4.29 (420 JPY)
3rd in a humorous collection of comics about goddesses that burden a jobless layabout.

2199 & Original Character CGs
$7.52 (735 JPY)
Fan art of characters of Sp*ce Battleship Y*mato 2199. Also original designs. 12 total CGs.

$10.74 (1,050 JPY)
S*ki Miy*naga & Nod*ka Har*mura (-S*ki-) anthology. ONLY series volumes 1-4.

From Today, I Command You All!
$7.52 (735 JPY)
Gaze upon my General's Ring, milfs, and know that I control you.

Bad Bridget 2
Village vanished from the map
$7.52 (735 JPY)
Guilty G*ar's Bridget erot manga. Part deux.

Slavegirl (Hospital Edition)
$10.74 (1,050 JPY)
Rei Ay*nami has a gynecological exam.

Otonari no Chii-chan
$7.52 (735 JPY)
Chii-chan is the curvy big titted but inexperienced girl next door to a guy who teaches her the ways of love.

Geometrical patterns WP
out of credit
$5.37 (525 JPY)
25 wallpaper artworks x 3 sizes: PC (1920x1080), iPhone4s, iPhone5

Draft Diver Warm-Up Operation
$3.22 (315 JPY)
Original robots illustrations of my own design, called T.O.Y.S.

Manga Ashi no ABC - Vol. 12
$2.14 (210 JPY)
Life as a manga assistant. This time deals with the generation gap between and the cost (savings?) of being a digital artist!

Okappa Wrap Mini
Zakka Saten
$1.07 (105 JPY)
CGs by Okappa-san.

A Certain Sisterf*ck Devirgin
$5.37 (525 JPY)
Misaka sisters are taken to a lab every night for male researchers to get off.

Wife and Diner
$6.44 (630 JPY)
Ayumi A*da (Dokid*ki! PreC*re) becomes a main dish for horny patrons of The Pig's Tail.

Ero RPG 3x Bundle
Kotatsu Spirit
$13.97 (1,365 JPY)
Three (3) full RPG games from Kotatsu Spirit + sneak preview trial demos.

"Hearts & Words"
Len's Music Studio
$5.37 (525 JPY)
2nd CD mini album "Hearts & Words" from Len's Music Studio. Vocals generated with Miku H*tsune.

Crossdresser Story 4: Deceived in Female Form
$9.67 (945 JPY)
What seemed to be a simple job turned into high end anal prostitution for Kenichi-kun.

Futanari Girls School SEX Life
Heisei Girl's Styles
$5.37 (525 JPY)
A girl who runs amok with her new penis. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry... I can't stop the thing between my legs......! "

Earnest H with a Certain Docile Girl
$5.37 (525 JPY)
She's defenseless against an invisible man!

The Fox Girl Clings
$12.89 (1,260 JPY)
This is an ecchi voice drama about a loner girl with fox ears and tail who becomes your friend.

Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel [R05]
$1.07 (105 JPY)
A collection of art from Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel.

Marrionette -Freely Posed In Every Way!-
$7.52 (735 JPY)
The acting president of the school's manga research club buys a bizarre doll in Akiba...

Date:2013-03-25 DL:7

Warped Apple
$10.74 (1,050 JPY)
Hardcore bug sex. Guro. Gorgeous. Warning.

Date:2013-01-14 DL:16

Maria in turmoil of war Chapter.12 Overwhelming Force act.1
$2.14 (210 JPY)
A beautiful anthropomorphic tank girl. A commander, Erhard Heideger, with a sad fate.

Date:2013-04-18 DL:2

Feces Idol
Six Senses
$2.14 (210 JPY)
Gulping down semen while her bowels dump out!! (CV: Kanase)

Date:2012-07-29 DL:3

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