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Situation H -The Love of the Wicked Eye Girl-
$9.39 (945 JPY)
An ecchi oral battle waged on your groin by the mouth of your delusional adolescent friend. (CV: Mimi.)

$13.56 (1,365 JPY)
She joined the Holy Paladins to defend her people from evil spirits. The tale of Paladin Miria begins...

HiMiTsu 2
oh no
$7.30 (735 JPY)
A skinny tan shota is plucked from the gutter to be a Victorian maid slave.

Astral vs Salamander (Part 2)
$6.26 (630 JPY)
Before the bindings of birth and exquisite arousal take her down, magical girl Astral will have to unleash her own inner hentai.

Cross Breed
Black Monkey
$9.39 (945 JPY)
4 Characters from different Animal Clans with 2 pairings of tribal characters will find a secret how they do the ritual of uniting clans.

Natsuyasumi. Third day
Studio Zealot
$20.87 (2,100 JPY)
The wait is over! Studio Zealot presents the final installment of the original shota animation trilogy.

How Long Has The Lady Who Throws Away Trash in the Mornings Been Hot For Me!?
$6.26 (630 JPY)
The lady you often meet in your apartment turns out to be a hot OL who seduces you on the train.

Teacher's Toy Until Graduaaaaation
$7.30 (735 JPY)
Sensei's got you under her thumb! You lucky masochist. CV: Rei Tsukimiya

Masochism Comfort - Hell On Paradise Beach 5
Blue Light
$10.43 (1,050 JPY)
Akiko plots her revenge against Jim, the boss who toyed with her body on claims of owing him.

$5.21 (525 JPY)
Retro PS1 game heroine June from St*r Gl*diators. Lots of upskirt/butt shots.

Ero Boys Report No.5
RB Report
$5.21 (525 JPY)
A collection of 2012 male anime and game characters I like, drawn erotically.

Milk & Martians
$9.39 (945 JPY)
Two female explorers who arrived on the red planet find out there's teeming life! Aaaaiiieee!

I Want To Do It With That Swimsuit Girl
$5.21 (525 JPY)
CG collection of Sena Kash*wazaki from Hag*nai.

Rogue Mage Devila Magica Eri 2
Blue Mad Diode
$6.26 (630 JPY)
Eri and friends flail in the tentacles of Ana-Lucif's monster run amok at the beach.

Girl FemdoM
$3.13 (315 JPY)
FemdoM = Female Dominance.

Do you like naughty little sister?
Cat House
$6.26 (630 JPY)
She's a little bratty but she's cute. Imouto creampie CGs.

Off-Menu Order Coupon - All the Sexy Service You Can Handle
$7.30 (735 JPY)
A coupon good for "any menu change" is exploited by a pervy customer all over town.

Humiliated to Orgasm Masochist's Chin-Chin Pew Pew 5
Sekimen Shojo
$7.30 (735 JPY)
A variety of girls abuse a masochistic male's genitals. Jint*i, Hy*ka, Kokoro Conn*ct.

Fresh S (Season Bundle)
Cure fruits + Sora ni ukabu hoshi
$16.69 (1,680 JPY)
Four (4) past transforming heroine titles bundled into one.

Graf Zeppelin
$7.30 (735 JPY)
The violation of Akira Honj*ji, the redhead from V*PER series.

$6.26 (630 JPY)
Vigorous penetration into Mana from Dokid*ki's cute tight hole.

Allure of Young Girls
$7.30 (735 JPY)
Illustrations of the spoiled innocence of little girls.

Ayanami Club 2 -for WEB-
$8.34 (840 JPY)
The amazing hand-drawn EVA fan comics by Henrenkai are digitally converted at last.

OnaNavi -Ayaka's Water Wet Hypnosis-
$10.43 (1,050 JPY)
Hypnotic ero audio about a sea of gooey wetness, with followup dry fellatio, kisses.

Hanakutashi -I was r*ped by my boyfriend's grandfather-
Paeonia suffruticosa
$7.30 (735 JPY)
Then came the day that Seika, while using the outhouse in the woods...

Emi's Thrilling First Ride
$6.26 (630 JPY)
Jealous Emi deflowers herself forcefully on Aichi's virgin c*ck.

Natsumi Meets the Neighborhood vol.2 (second half)
Break D
$6.26 (630 JPY)
Natsumi is coerced into sex with the worst of the worst, a man named Tadokoro.

Gear-chan Taunt Squad!
Nepu Style
$5.21 (525 JPY)
Illustrations of teased Gear of the Neptun*a series.

Tokimeki Tonight
Mirror World
$7.30 (735 JPY)
Nightmare and Alice doujinshi (Alice in the C*untry of H*arts).

KONNA KANJI DE 2010 Anthology
Tenpa Kyouran
$10.43 (1,050 JPY)
Comedic S*ngoku B*SARA story mangas and 4-panel comics.

Calthu's Heretic Fortress Tactics
$22.96 (2,310 JPY)
Negotiation is over! Destroy every citadel of the neighboring kingdoms with your summoned fire god! An R-18 fantasy battle game.

Date:2012-06-17 DL:9

Legend of Sumo Girl 1
araburu comic
$6.26 (630 JPY)
The world of Japanese wrestling is abuzz with the arrival of a solitary woman. 273 pages!

Date:2013-03-09 DL:2

Home Alone
$13.56 (1,365 JPY)
For the young girl and the perverted intruder, it's a high stakes game of hide-and-seek.

Date:2013-05-06 DL:14

A Vmail for Sou**
Kyoki na Shiunten
$1.04 (105 JPY)
"If you don't come, K*name-chan will pay the price. Mwa ha ha ha!..."

Date:2012-08-01 DL:2

Maria in turmoil of war 01
$4.17 (420 JPY)
The story of a man who loved a tank, and the tank who loved him.

Date:2012-12-08 DL:3

You're still only Xx years old, Kai, that's why.
Ura Urethan
$6.26 (630 JPY)
Aichi and Kai share a room together so Kai gets rid of all his dirty magazines, but he missed one and Aichi finds it.

Date:2013-04-16 DL:2

Haganai: I Want to Play Rock Scissors Paper
$10.43 (1,050 JPY)
Naked yakyuken with the girls of Hagan*i.

Date:2013-03-27 DL:6

Copulation Room of Orc and Elf
$7.30 (735 JPY)
Elves in the prime of their mating season are f*cked by an orc in the small dirty chamber.

Date:2013-05-08 DL:3

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