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Loss Equals Instant R*pe! A Z*lda-Style Fantasy Ero-Action Game
temporary party
$12.02 (1,050 JPY)
Strap on the shield, raise up the sword... it's action time. Watch out for the old perv, he could cum at you any time.

Xtra Xredit + Backdoor Buck
$12.02 (1,050 JPY)
Twilight is taught the secret arts by Sirlestia. AJ discovers some toys left over in the barn...

Life of Possession
$6.01 (525 JPY)
I happen to gain the ability to free the mind from one's body and to possess someone else's body...

valssu No.100
$8.41 (735 JPY)
On the theme of outdoor exposure, as usual!

Apologize For Your Lies! Special Detective Tatsu
Forced Crossdress, Feminization, Otoko no Ko
$18.04 (1,575 JPY)
Crossdressing special detective Tatsu has a complicated life. His succubus owner has him constantly doing service for clients.

Galaxy Youth Part 1-1
group tanpopo
$7.21 (630 JPY)
A romantic otome manga set in the world of hard sci-fi in a precarious future.

C*t's Eye Anthology
$12.02 (1,050 JPY)
Manga anthology about the eldest of three beautiful cat burglars, Rui K*zuna from C*t's Eye.

Nevers*sta in the library
TARHS Entertainment
$18.04 (1,575 JPY)
When the rivers rose and Kawahara did not return, only his photos and camera were recovered. Several days later, his right sneaker.

Hamada-Kun Works Harder
$8.41 (735 JPY)
The lazy layabout dominates the handsome submissive.

We Have Few H Friends
Immoratorium Factory
$4.81 (420 JPY)
From Boku wa T*modachi ga S*kunai, 5 heroines + 1 sloppy slutty CG + SS

Kilometer 36
$12.02 (1,050 JPY)
Nene (L*veplus) falls ill and takes a rest in the school clinic.

Little Dragoon
$14.43 (1,260 JPY)
Take to the skies in a dragon-riding sidescrolling shooter. Two young girls, Ricoa and Raqiru, go in search of the l'Arc en Ciel treasure.

Brainwashed Bitch Squad -The Heroines Are Addicted to C*ck-
$8.41 (735 JPY)
Justice heroines have been mindwiped for one obsessive slutty goal.

Her Masturbating Naivete -Oniichan and the Pink Bud 5-
Asai Planning
$2.40 (210 JPY)
Imouto-esque daughter Tsubomi innocently shows you how she touches herself.

Sportswear Set
$8.41 (735 JPY)
Gym shorts/bloomers, school swimwear, sports bra, each with 2 design pattersnad and hualf nude option.

(Dot Anime Novel) Erotic Showdown with Kami-nesan
$8.41 (735 JPY)
Ero-kawaii elder sister Kami from H*rizon and her baka younger brother make love in the dungeon. 33 anime clips.

How To Stage a Pop Group Comeback
$8.41 (735 JPY)
Once-popular idols who have fallen out of the national limelight turn to the red light.

The Crossdresser Who Satisfies His Urges On the Street
$8.41 (735 JPY)
Dressed as a girl Hitomi landed a rough lover: his first orgasm is gapefaced anal sex!

La * La * Nude
$1.20 (105 JPY)
Illustrations of a lone girl of legal age.

Demon Hunter Tubaki 2
Inner Map
$8.41 (735 JPY)
She was a huntress, but also an office lady by day. The perversions of her two separate lives were coming together and escalating...

motorrad vol.10
$8.41 (735 JPY)
It become necessary to gain weight to better control the bike... reverse diet!

She-Spy Bondage R*pe Journal 1
Studio Saboten
$12.02 (1,050 JPY)
Captured during her espionage mission. Movie / 24 minutes / 3DCG animation / 960x540 wide

Takemama in Hot Spring - Complete version
$12.02 (1,050 JPY)
Takemama went to a hot spring resort alone... Full color comic!

Tortured Ninja Woman 2 -Beautiful Fierce Fencer-
$18.04 (1,575 JPY)
Blood spills! Breasts spill! Fluids fly! Erotic battle to the edge of reason! Hardcore lesbian play!

A Sudden Transgression
Ui Nishiro
$9.62 (840 JPY)
An veteran teacher in her later years didn't realize that her mature curves were attractive to some of the students.

The Hole Where Tentacles Gather
$1.20 (105 JPY)
Real time tentacle assault simulation.

Futari wa Enryo ga nai
Cathouse Under A Roof
$6.01 (525 JPY)
Sena and Yukimura (Haganai) pull Kodaka have no sexual self control.

Date:2012-01-24 DL:2

Male Virgin Loss in the New Teacher
$8.41 (735 JPY)
After school the protagonist lays it all bare. Will she give him what he desires? Student-Teacher ADV Game / 12 possible endings

Date:2012-02-11 DL:1

Futanari Kotone-chan
$6.01 (525 JPY)
Become Kotone (CV: Kurumi Miru) and make love with 3 other girls: loli, masochist and sadist. 3 voice actresses, 1 hour.

Date:2012-02-11 DL:2

R*ped, Nympho and Pregnified Miss Hottie Teacher
Airily Steps
$9.62 (840 JPY)
Sexy sensei flashes ero stockings beneath her power miniskirt. The fantasies of a classroom of already-horny boys explode.

Date:2012-02-29 DL:15

The World of Bad Endings
Socho no Kobo
$8.41 (735 JPY)
Pink, red and yellow Smile Pr*Cure girls violated and beaten! R-18. Hardcore.

Date:2012-04-05 DL:1

PTA Mama no Sex Education
$8.41 (735 JPY)
Shotas and wives/mothers share in pubescent baby-making sex ed, for Japan's future. 87 pages.

Date:2012-04-25 DL:3

Cruel Fleur-tan and Ao-kun's Agony
$8.41 (735 JPY)
The pretty cheerleader of Eur*ka Seven AO reverse-r*pes a boy as her personal sex slave. She denies him a climax while enjoying herself on his member.

Date:2012-10-13 DL:2

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