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DOKIDOKI Enko Escalate
$8.16 (735 JPY)
JKs are so damned precocious these days!

You and I and obstinate
$8.16 (735 JPY)
Yowam*shi Pedal Imaiz*mi x Nar*ko BL coupling.

Hypnosis Voice -Masquerade-
Tuberose kiss
$8.16 (735 JPY)
Give in to temptation. You are at a ballroom party. The ceiling swirls in your eyes as men softly embrace you, take you to that place...

NanoBitch The 1st
$8.16 (735 JPY)
Ahe-ahe whorish hentai of the Lyrical magicals and friends?

I want you to kiss
$10.50 (945 JPY)
Heartwarming schoolgirl yuri

M.O Seisakujo
$7.00 (630 JPY)
From Sm*le PreC*re, Nao-chan and Reika-chan romance ecchi.

$11.66 (1,050 JPY)
A household without a mother is full of men... and one very young girl.

Mesu Play -Ika M*sume VS San*e
$8.16 (735 JPY)
Sh*nryaku! Ika M*sume (Squid G*rl)'s Ika and Sanae do battle.

$4.66 (420 JPY)
G*n Tama's Sakamoto x Takasugi with some Joi comedy.

Recreated Recipes From Scratch 2.5D World -Next to You-
$7.00 (630 JPY)
It's the return of that series that celebrates the world of cuisine, from popular foods to obscure... foods.

$5.83 (525 JPY)
Asuka (EVA) main ero manga + illustrations.

Wrongful Jobless Man and Midori-san
$11.66 (1,050 JPY)
The innocent wife of a company section chief pays for her husband's power-abusing sins.

Tsumotaki Mako Short Works - Schoolgirl & Fecchi
$8.16 (735 JPY)
Fetish comics about fetish girls in school uniforms doing maniac fetish things.

Ero Cosplay DREAM
$8.16 (735 JPY)
The ice mistress of S*per Robot W*rs has never been hotter. Glacies = gorgeous.

New Job Training w/ Succubi Senior and Junior
$11.66 (1,050 JPY)
Devilish vixens voiced by Rito Ichinose and Kurumi Miru double-team you in stereo surround.

Miss Teacher on the Molester Train
gray wolf
$8.16 (735 JPY)
After a student groped her, she believed his apology. But word spread around school.

Railway Service - For Mind Controlled Female Passengers Only
$8.16 (735 JPY)
I fantasize about what goes on in those private cars. This has become my daily obsession.

Standing Pose Data - Vol.5
$8.16 (735 JPY)
About 100 poses. For your games and sketches.

MIDI IN Keyboard Input
$5.83 (525 JPY)
Input musical notes with a digital keyboard that display in real time on screen.

Masked Model Student & Hikikomori Shonen vol:01
$5.83 (525 JPY)
Saito-chan visits her childhood friend-turned-antisocial Takeru with a mission to drag him out and enjoy the sunshine.

Anime / Doujin BG Repeat Materials Short NO20
$1.16 (105 JPY)
Looping music that can be used in doujin projects as BGM or accompaniment to artwork.

Shiko Shiko Freak! Dirty Panty Lover
Fresh Meat Juice Academy
$14.00 (1,260 JPY)
You are such a perverted pervert you know that!! You like masturbating to my soiled p*ssy stink panties?

Hartmann 2.5 Rainy Day XXX!?
$8.16 (735 JPY)
Erika x Gertrud yuri from Str*ke Witches

Practice with Teacher and Mama!!!
$7.00 (630 JPY)
Gyr*zetter 2x MILFs on lucky main.

They Called Me Buta Oyaji. F*ck Them All!!
$8.16 (735 JPY)
An unattractive teacher falsely accused by his precocious student takes revenge the only way he knows: hypnossault.

Project Secret Zone
$7.00 (630 JPY)
16 characters from PXZ show their pretty, pink, well-groomed smooth and slippery p*ssies.

Ride Phase!!
$7.00 (630 JPY)
Feminized Aichi-kun rides the Soul S*ber Dr*gon and f*cks like a slut with violation tentacles.

Reina Conquest
Ero Mafia
$8.16 (735 JPY)
Qu**n's Blade Re*na CG collection + text.

Teacher Found A Cute Pee-Pee On Aichi-kun at Physical Exam Time
$7.00 (630 JPY)
Aichi from C*rdfight!! Vanguard has been crossdressing to attend Little Mistress Academy with his younger sister.

Saimin Study Stinkgirl - Hypnosis of the Girl with the Smell Fetish
$7.00 (630 JPY)
You are the private teacher for a bratty loudmouthed girl. (CV: Niu Furuto)

Sempai Iri 200 Yen Bento
Shichiyou Souryujin
$2.33 (210 JPY)
Mini CG collection about witch Sen Yar*zui from B*n-To.

Date:2012-01-25 DL:1

Daughter Bonds -Trinity-
$14.00 (1,260 JPY)
The complete trilogy of Daughter Bonds (Imouto, Lover, Elder) (Kuon no K*zuna). See details within.

Date:2012-04-02 DL:1

$9.33 (840 JPY)
Dr*gon Quest, Tower of Dr*aga, V*lis... female characters ecchied.

Date:2012-06-28 DL:2

Futanyare! Nyaruko-san
$7.00 (630 JPY)
H*iyore! Nyaruko-san futanari ero-ero pero-pero d*ckgirl space invasion humiliation assaultification.

Date:2012-11-24 DL:4

Vaginas Beginners RPG v1.05
$14.00 (1,260 JPY)
Virgin hero adventures with his girlfriend, little sister and teachers in this heartwarming RPG. 30+ characters and 100+ ecchi events!

Date:2012-03-29 DL:11

Xenocross Vol.1 (English)
No Such Agency
$17.50 (1,575 JPY)
The ultimate YURI comic magazine featuring Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo (A Kiss For The Petals) and MORE!!

Date:2012-03-26 DL:5

3D Custom Girl XP Soapland Motion Set
$17.50 (1,575 JPY)
This is a collection of poses of a soapland queen giving massage, mat play, having sex, etc.

Date:2012-04-01 DL:9

Happening Pool
$7.00 (630 JPY)
Doki...! Twin loli sisters Saki and Miki go to the water park!

Date:2012-08-02 DL:1

Ama Ama Kiss
Six Senses
$5.83 (525 JPY)
Won't you enjoy some sweet soft kisses? (CV: Kanase)

Date:2012-11-22 DL:1

$4.66 (420 JPY)
Cute pop-art style cooking theme illustrations on the world's foods. Art by YOUMA.

Date:2012-05-01 DL:1

The Pantsu of Time
$1.16 (105 JPY)
An unusual object to stop time: pantsu! All about massaging little sister's down-there-place.

Date:2012-06-27 DL:5

Misaki on Tombi Island: Light Version
Baked Strontium
$4.66 (420 JPY)
Play as a part-time assistant girl on her internship in a rural island town.

Date:2012-09-01 DL:5

Will You Be My Fortune E?
$4.66 (420 JPY)
Saber has been turned into a man. Lancer agrees to return her to form, but with a proposal...

Date:2012-09-17 DL:1

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