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Copulation Cops -Ma'am, Do You Know Why We're Knocking You Up Today?-
$20.16 (1,575 JPY)
"Looks like you're not pregnant, ma'am. We're here to uphold the jizzic duty."

Nami Waves of Seduction
$16.13 (1,260 JPY)
The fourth ~Onsen Hime~ Flash animation themed on ONE P*ECE!

The Girl from Io
$12.09 (945 JPY)
CG collection all about Sailor M**n's Sailor Jup*ter only.

Under the Blinding Bright Sky
$8.06 (630 JPY)
Sengoku B*sara manga focusing on Motonari Mo*ri. Two volumes, one guest contributor.

UGOKU Fuwa Pure
$16.13 (1,260 JPY)
Sex with a young girl with fuwa fuwa soft breasts and marshmallow body! 30fps After Effects / MOVIE / Over 20 minutes / CV: Yuki Shinjou

NEW Violate the Whole Apartment
$17.47 (1,365 JPY)
Recently there has been a rash of sexual attacks. That's because you are the attacker. A REMAKE of the violation game from 2009.

R*nma and Me Do......!!
$9.41 (735 JPY)
Secret afternoon things with female R*nma.

Which Kanojo Will You Choose?
$4.03 (315 JPY)
Yay*i and Re*ka from PreC*re offer an ecchi date in the classroom.

Yacchatta ZE
Triple A
$8.06 (630 JPY)
L*cky Star Konata x Kagami yuri R-18 doujinshi.

The Seduced Girls of Sw*rd Art Online
Power Step
$9.41 (735 JPY)
SAO characters are netorare'd. Asuna, plus Yoruko, Lizbeth, Silica, Sachi, and an orgy scene.

You, Me, and That Guy. 5 [Reina's Father]
$10.75 (840 JPY)
Over dinner Kazuki gets a weird vibe between Reina and her father. The 5th story in the series, heartpounding voyeur erotica!

Reika A*ki Virgin Loss Hell
Studio Nunchuck
$8.06 (630 JPY)
Reika and Nao-chan from Smile PreC*re r*pefest!

Barely Growing
$9.41 (735 JPY)
Pretty little lolis who are just starting to develop.

Fantasy Story 8 - Dahaka
$1.34 (105 JPY)
Eiji blazes ahead with the Ultimate Driving Technique, leaving his female friend Otaku far behind.

Oedo Netorare Assault Tales - The Teahouse Daughter
Teitetsu Kishidan
$10.75 (840 JPY)
A young girl and her childhood friend reunite after seven years, only for a gang of hoodlums to steal her away.

$1.34 (105 JPY)
Eureka S*ven AO (starring Eureka) R-18 CG collection.

Tozasa Rejima Hyper-gland Studio
$9.41 (735 JPY)
Exquisite nightmares crawl over the body of a college student who is quarantined from the outside world in a special island laboratory.

Fellatio Voice
Roman Virus
$4.03 (315 JPY)
Blowjob that just keeps going and going. :)

Dream night
Atsuya Industries
$6.72 (525 JPY)
There's an orgy happening inside Dre*m Club. An R-18 doujin parody.

Happy Droppers!
Teriyaki Nikuman
$4.03 (315 JPY)
Comfy mellow SmiPre manga makes you ultra happyyyyy!

Mind Control Through Vaccination
$17.47 (1,365 JPY)
As the school doctor for an all-girls academy, I lived a dream life doing a dream job, and it was making me mad with arousal.

One Room with Me and Vita
Studio Himawari
$25.54 (1,995 JPY)
A headmelting R-18 ADV about the romantic sex life with kawaii Vita. (CV: Suna Yakie)

Solid Art Labyrinth
Shoujo Kisou Kageki
$13.44 (1,050 JPY)
Shoujo Kisou Kageki presents our 2nd new release of summer 2012.Original characters in fetish "petrification" form.

NTR Reporter - Yuki [Cheating Report]
NTR Channel
$9.41 (735 JPY)
CG Collection of a busty NTR Reporter, Yuki Tsumamoto when she's just a newbie until become a pro "sex" reporter.

Black Kitty
$13.44 (1,050 JPY)
Oddball coquette Kuroneko seduces big brother who mindblowingly gushes in her every hole!

The Eros of Futanari Rivers and Imouto-san
$9.41 (735 JPY)
Iori finds her soulmate in fellow student Mizuki, both girls with massive hardons for each others' lesbian c*ck.

Compatible Future
Like human beings
$9.41 (735 JPY)
Deus gives Minene a wet dream for her enjoyment. She cums hard on Masumi's hand and sex.

The Mating Festival of Feminized Heroes
Hengen Monogatari
$9.41 (735 JPY)
For fans of boys-turned-girls, crazy pregnating r*pe sex, princess incest virgin loss, netorare and shame and orgies and ahegao.

Rune F*ctory HahHah CG Collection
Lolita Channel
$13.44 (1,050 JPY)
A frontier of love that cuts right through you. Swing hips, transplant species, cultivate virgins.

Date:2012-02-03 DL:2

Circle Romantic Flight
$8.06 (630 JPY)
A story about the protagonist G*D EATER with girls in his basement, trained on his c*ck.

Date:2011-09-25 DL:1

Card Master 3
Youtou Densetsu Kabushiki Gaisya
$8.06 (630 JPY)
Magician Ryuko of the Detective Bureau and human carder Arcana deal with a strange event.

Date:2011-10-26 DL:1

Hoshi wa Sora o Mitashite - Materials Set
Kana's Sound Factory
$6.72 (525 JPY)
Copyright-free BGM in MIDI and WAV formats. Please use as you like.

Date:2012-02-20 DL:1

Panchira TOWN 2
$12.09 (945 JPY)
Go around town and peek in on 13 characters.

Date:2011-10-30 DL:13

Underground sport-combat boxing girl BOKO!!
$8.06 (630 JPY)
An inexperienced girl spends a lot money and has to pay it back in the boxing ring!!

Date:2012-04-11 DL:3

$16.13 (1,260 JPY)
Beautiful original character illustrations.

Date:2011-11-19 DL:1

My Tender Lewd Punish Mama
$4.03 (315 JPY)
When he wets his pants at his age, Mama decides to give him a good harsh lesson.

Date:2012-06-11 DL:4

With You In Space
$2.68 (210 JPY)
She liked her senpai but... she'd never expressed it. Now senpai was quitting the club to focus on studies. Original yuri drama.

Date:2012-05-21 DL:1

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