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Queen's Maman
$13.24 (1,050 JPY)
Buxom weapon shop mama Cattl*ya from QB.

Bak*man HahHah CG Collection
Lolita Channel
$13.24 (1,050 JPY)
This name can't appear in young male magazines. What matters is your next move...

$9.26 (735 JPY)
Deep tanned Saki Moriyama, class president...

School Mates -Doki*Meki Sex Exam Cram-
Loco Moco
$9.26 (735 JPY)
4 loli ecchi schoolgirls. Original CG collection.

Essential hardcore n02b
$3.97 (315 JPY)
2nd CG image collection focusing on the assault of No.09.

The Girls Don't Listen To Their Father! 2
$9.26 (735 JPY)
Yuuta's relationship with the three sisters he's looking after gets more complicated when one finds out his relationship with another...

Okusama wa S (Wife is Sadist) (Strapon Dildo Movie)
Voice Temptation
$13.24 (1,050 JPY)
At night you loving wife fulfills certain needs. But are they hers or yours? She's a bondage sadist! (CV: Phan Masaki)

The Lewd Quest of Breeding Soldier Sera
$22.50 (1,785 JPY)
Experience increases from multiple orgasms!! Level up by giving birth!! F*ck away the monsters of an RPG realm as Sera. (CV: Rutolo Nanagi)

The Father Impregnates the Feminized Son
$5.29 (420 JPY)
One day Natsumi (a boy) drank a strange drink, and his body transformed to become what he'd always resembled: a girl!

Welcome New Students! Fast Attack Spring Game Set
$9.26 (735 JPY)
The new school year begins, and the first experience of a certain shonen is total disaster.

PLANTER - The Addiction -
Shisyamo Drive
$3.97 (315 JPY)
Classic Ark*noid-style blockbreaking game, fun and casual with addicting challenges! NEW graphics, MORE stages, MORE music.

R*pe Story
satori sexial coop
$3.97 (315 JPY)
Ika-chan has many things done to her. 16 color pages.

Let's Make Out With Big Breasts Elder Sister.
$5.29 (420 JPY)
Let's have sex with buxom onesan!!

Sweet Sweet
$7.94 (630 JPY)
When Mio gets a cold, Ritsu looks after her with more tenderness than ever.

EroBoysReport No.4
RB Report
$6.62 (525 JPY)
A collection of 2011 male anime and game characters I like, drawn erotically.

Ero Courtroom Wars -I'll Prove You're Guilty-
PitoN Works
$6.62 (525 JPY)
A hot lawyer proves how much of a dirty boy you are! Erection... sustained!

$13.24 (1,050 JPY)
A hot macho man with a glorious thick you-know-what.

Hypnosis - To Gape Her Face, To Cream In her Pie Bitchified Fantasies - School Edition
Kaon Temple
$13.24 (1,050 JPY)
Gapeface and creampie sex with classmates, senior girls, teachers, etc.

papico's sasayaki voice
$1.32 (105 JPY)
Before you sleep, how about a gentle, sensual whisper from Papico?

Sweetie Girls 8 -Princess Perversions of Youth (2)-
$7.94 (630 JPY)
Aphrodite panics over her age and makes efforts to stay youthful and beautiful.... at any cost.

Rhythmic Hypnosis Sounds Set 03
pigmyon studio
$3.97 (315 JPY)
Environmental object-related rhythm audio for relaxing hypnosis state.

The Legend of Alfur
Ayaemo Research Institute
$13.24 (1,050 JPY)
First Person Shooter x Japanese flavor and style! Your two brothers were taken as slaves by the invading nation of Erugus.

Ai's Radio Masturbation Course
$3.97 (315 JPY)
Hi, I'm Ai and you're listening to my special audio lecture on self love. (CV: Rei Tsukimiya)

Loptr Fantasy record of war -A Kappa and illicit intercourse-
$13.24 (1,050 JPY)
It's wet and slippery, it feels good. Copulating with a human partner can't compare to this... (CV: Aya Kuchitani)

Copyright Free Materials - School Building Exterior
$9.26 (735 JPY)
Copyright-free material which can be used for comics, games, etc.

Pretty Ranger
$9.26 (735 JPY)
Huge volume erotica starring the colorful girls from popular TV anime Smile PreC*re.

Yam*da Wants To Become A Woman!
Moe zukuri kingdom
$9.26 (735 JPY)
Precocious, suspiciously young Aoi Yam*da (W*RKING!!) erotic CG colection.

Truly Sadistic Grimm Fairytales
Voice Temptation
$13.24 (1,050 JPY)
Experience 3 perversely erotic retellings of the Pied Piper, Rapunzel and Riding Hood. (CV: Rei Tsukimiya)

Upbringing Journal of the Ninja Girls
$9.26 (735 JPY)
Four new women undertake the intense "training" to become kunoichi!

Battle of the Commander
$1.32 (105 JPY)
A war that changes the very color of eyes.

BAD END mini: the suffering of Claire Redf*eld
$5.29 (420 JPY)
Claire Redf*eld (Bioh*zard/Resid*nt Evil) assault CG collection.

Mokusa-Painting Work Collection vol.4
$10.59 (840 JPY)
Various CGs for breast fans, featuring girls from D&D, SF, T*kken, K*nichi, SNK, S*ga games, Yu-G*-Oh, Sekir*i, BL*ACH and more!

The Ancient Monster's Ground of the Aborigones
$21.18 (1,680 JPY)
Coiling tentacles constrict heroines in an orgy of hellish ecstasy. A grand journey & tentacle assault AVG!

$9.26 (735 JPY)
C*re Happy, aka Miyuki Hoshiz*ra, in various ecchi situations.

[Limited Sale] 01-03 G*ndam Bundle
$9.26 (735 JPY)
3x G*ndam SEED Dest*ny series titles. 21 base images, 276 total. 66% discount price!

Magical Magi Madoka Puchika 3
$6.62 (525 JPY)
Pu*lla Magi Madoka M*gica 4-panel comic series about the girls as students.

Sports CG Collection
$7.94 (630 JPY)
Cum covered sporty girls!

Date:2011-08-12 DL:3

Swallowed Whole vol.1
Stuka Rider
$10.59 (840 JPY)
Various vore themed works. Extreme fetishes like scat, birth, "unbirth", etc.

Date:2011-10-19 DL:12

BLUE PORT J - Summer Sky Prelude
$25.15 (1,995 JPY)
Dive into the beautiful blue waters and explore the 3D island au naturale. Full 3D ADV game + HD illustrations + accessories

Date:2012-04-18 DL:32

Trod On Me: Inferiority Complex
Time and Air
$5.29 (420 JPY)
For lovers of knee socks and stockings worn by cute girls!

Date:2012-01-17 DL:1

Tattoo Mama: Anal Trashed Misery
Studio Tattoo
$9.26 (735 JPY)
R*pe, anal fistf*ck, enema and tattoos turn hot mother Yoko from soccer mom into mindless cum drone.

Date:2011-05-01 DL:1

Legendary Cumboy VS Legal Loli
$10.59 (840 JPY)
Takashi works as a "cumboy", a fluids actor hired for his copious spunkloads. His partner is a very young prostitute.

Date:2011-06-23 DL:1

$5.29 (420 JPY)
Havoc x Roy (F*llmetal Alchemist) boys love romance.

Date:2011-08-19 DL:1

Fairy Maid Mizun-chan's Diary of Struggle
$7.94 (630 JPY)
Every day for her ambrosia she gives her best sexual service.

Date:2011-09-23 DL:1

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