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The Loser With The Enormous Penis: A Harem of Famous J-Pop Stars
$31.97 (2,625 JPY)
This famous group of idols doesn't care about looks or personality, they're carnivorous sluts...

Silica-chan Pero Pero (^w^)
$7.67 (630 JPY)
Silica and Kirito from Sw*rd Art Onl*ne.

Tentacle and Witches - Episode 4-I Got the Harem Ending (Normal Version)
$35.80 (2,940 JPY)
The fourth and the final episode of Tentacle and Witches! Ichiro has his way with all three witches!

Tentacle and Witches - Episode 4-I Got the Harem Ending (HD Version)
$46.04 (3,780 JPY)
The fourth and the final episode of Tentacle and Witches! Ichiro has his way with all three witches!

Puella Magi Mami Brutalia
$23.02 (1,890 JPY)
Swallowed by a witch that was born in a hospital, a magical girl found herself quarantined like a lab specimen.

Super Jumbos
$8.95 (735 JPY)
A huge assortment of 30 buxom characters. With futanari M*rrigan and an orgy of oppai, paizuri, etc. play

Netorare Milf Natsuko (41) -Mama's Sukebe Hentai Sex With A Young Man-
$31.97 (2,625 JPY)
Little by little, our happy life began to crumble... It's all the fault of a classmate I hate... Kazuya Eguchi.

Motto! Debutopia
$25.57 (2,100 JPY)
The sequel to unprecedented debukko (chubby girl) ADV "Debutopia" is here, in all its corpulence!!

$8.95 (735 JPY)
Shinr*bansho Frontier CG collection: sexy kemono and monster-like fantasy girls with curvy hips and spread legs.

I'd Love To Be Insulted To Orgasm By That Pain in the Ass Bookworm Junior
$12.78 (1,050 JPY)
The annoying kouhai (junior student) in the library... Wouldn't you love for her to mistreat you in that way?

The Country Loli With Idol Ambitions
$7.67 (630 JPY)
Thrilled to be scouted by a pervy recruiter, the young girl with dreams in her heart plunged headlong into sex training.

Netoriya-san Vol. 1
Blue Light
$12.78 (1,050 JPY)
Continuous cases of girlfriend-seduction have been reported on this street.

1899 The Forest of Two's Trust- R-18
$1.27 (105 JPY)
The prince of darkness reigns benevolently. A strange fire has been started. Terrorism? An enemy nation's resistance squad?

Melty Kiss
$7.67 (630 JPY)
HanaTaji (Big W*ndup!) coupling. Valentine's Day. Sweet like melting chocolate.

White Lily
$1.27 (105 JPY)
Mihoko's unrequited love, loneliness.

Seikatsu - I For Male
$5.11 (420 JPY)
Learn about the body at a certain sexual institute.

Futatsu ni Saku Hana (Two Blossoming Flowers)
Futatsu ni Saku Hana
$11.51 (945 JPY)
Life is like a movie. A company president meets a shop employee... BL romance of how love finds love. Dreamy. 5 stories.

$2.55 (210 JPY)
Based on Sh*n Megami T*nsei: Noct*rne. 40 total pages.

The Immorality Cadet and the Dirty Old Janitor
Perfect Slumber
$7.67 (630 JPY)
When the janitor finds the school's captain of public morality in the garbage area fingering herself with dopey drunken pleasure...

Marina Essence
$7.67 (630 JPY)
Oniichan daisuki! Eccho mo daisuki! Original puchi devil imouto Marina is a JK with a powered up curvy body.

The Enticed Part-Time Working Housewife
$8.95 (735 JPY)
One evening at the bar where she served drinks a coworker propositioned her.

What I'd do if I was invisible - imouto edition
$17.90 (1,470 JPY)
Commit perversions with physics on your side: stop time or go invisible to pervertify tsundere little sister. Warning.

$1.27 (105 JPY)
Tales from the claw machine arcade.

Gaba Ana Mikiti
Azusawa Rock
$5.11 (420 JPY)
Idolm*ster's Miki-chan adult illustration collection.

Rights to Half Her Body
$3.83 (315 JPY)
The warrior from Dr*gon Quest is feminized and assaulted by slime.

$8.95 (735 JPY)
Sex-crazed nymphomaniac heroines of DQ series. Alena, Barbara, bianaca, Jessica, Maam and Daisy

The newcomer's excessive business
no limit
$15.34 (1,260 JPY)
Courage will get you places. I mustered my courage and got a job as a ladies lingerie salesman. SCORE.

Arms 003
$8.95 (735 JPY)
Mod data (weaponry) for 3D Custom Girl. 6 weapons, 432 total parts.

Sex with my Nearly Graduated Niece 2
furanku banana
$7.67 (630 JPY)
Twintail precocious loli 3P, hot sex in cold winter and school swimsuit play!

Fellatio Salon - The Clumsy Girl Edition
PitoN Works
$6.39 (525 JPY)
Please lay down here on the bed. I will begin now. Herewhaaooaa-oops! *crash* (CV: Momoka Yuzuki)

Hynpotic Counseling -I Recommend All Students Be My Slaves-
$16.62 (1,365 JPY)
Today is my day to play guidance counselor to a class of delinquents and future dropouts.

Super Naughty Devil Princess - CG Collection
$10.23 (840 JPY)
The complete CG collection of all content from the ADV game!! Over 100 total works.

Warped Apple
$12.78 (1,050 JPY)
P*ndora Saga themed elf & insect sex CG collection. Truly grotesque.

$8.95 (735 JPY)
Amane is a few years older than Rei, a demure come-hither lover in twin tails.

Moeyo Hougyoku
$6.39 (525 JPY)
Soji "borrows" Hijikata's personal writings and loses them. It's only a matter of time before Hijikata finds out.

24 Hour Live Chat with Your Favorite Ojisan
$7.67 (630 JPY)
Kotetsu becomes a "cam boy" and fulfills his listeners' ecchi requests!?

Twin Little Sisters * Love Love Double Sleep Hypnosis
Kajihara eM
$8.95 (735 JPY)
Twin imoutos sleep soundly on each side of you. (CV: Kotone Akatsuki)

Super Jumbos
$8.95 (735 JPY)
A huge assortment of 30 buxom characters. With futanari M*rrigan and an orgy of oppai, paizuri, etc. play

Today's Exercise Is Skinny Dipping
Nippon Dandy
$6.39 (525 JPY)
Nude swim lessons with mixed boys and girls?

Date:2012-03-28 DL:1

Sealader Second Magnificent Phase 29: Evolution
Global One
$1.27 (105 JPY)
Yoko, Yui and Rui face an enemy without mercy. The truth shocks them all!

Date:2011-11-16 DL:1

Hentai Catch
$8.95 (735 JPY)
Legendary HeartC*tch PreC*re girls are gangbanged sex slaves! Hardcore CG collection!

Date:2011-11-29 DL:3

Valkyrie Tower & Devil Dungeon
Akuno Kikaku
$15.34 (1,260 JPY)
Akuno Kikaku presents their 1st RPG game! Take down a female detective's avatars and disgrace her in the online world.

Date:2011-12-02 DL:2

Team YokkyuFuman
$8.95 (735 JPY)
A school themed BL adventure game. Roam the halls of this private school of pretty boys.

Date:2011-12-08 DL:4

Copyright Free Materials - Apartment Exteriors
$11.51 (945 JPY)
Copyright-free material which can be used for comics, games, etc.

Date:2012-01-26 DL:3

Homu Mado
Merumeto no Yakata
$1.27 (105 JPY)
To save her fried from her captors, magical girl Homu Homu goes to battle.

Date:2012-01-26 DL:1

Dragon House
$3.83 (315 JPY)
An impressive illustration set of quality pencil artwork. Mainly dragons.

Date:2012-04-11 DL:1

Fighting Girl Hunt Vol.20 - VANESSA
$8.95 (735 JPY)
Iconic female boxer Vanessa from KOF flaunts her incredible body,

Date:2012-04-04 DL:2

Caffe Latte/Espresso Sugar Free
$12.78 (1,050 JPY)
IOSYS presents a cute & stylish split single, vocal album, plus remixes. (7 tracks)

Date:2012-04-27 DL:1

Lust Demons Angelica vs Rua
angelica party
$19.18 (1,575 JPY)
Suppress the alternate dimension with BF ("sex") lust! A futanari lesbian RPG.

Date:2012-09-07 DL:6

Leo vs Kuromaru part 1
$14.06 (1,155 JPY)
King Leo was cursed with a lion's head. On his travels he met a spirit with blackest eyes. Bonus manga also included.

Date:2012-05-21 DL:5

The Bought Girl - Confessions of Maki-chan, age 1X
bondo de go
$8.95 (735 JPY)
I thought I could run away if he tried something weird. He sold my virginity to another man.

Date:2012-06-10 DL:2

Manten Hoshizora
$7.67 (630 JPY)
Ro-Ky*-Bu! loli manga about Maho.

Date:2012-06-18 DL:1

Pain Link
Full Speed Rider
$8.95 (735 JPY)
As punishment for screwing up her duties, the breasty woman has sex with a dog.

Date:2012-06-19 DL:1

Ear Cleaning Salon: Mama Natsumi
Kajihara eM
$7.67 (630 JPY)
Treat yourself to a "mimikaki" or ear wax/ear cleaning service. (CV: Kotone Akatsuki)

Date:2012-07-28 DL:1

Rikka Clock Desktop Mascot
$1.27 (105 JPY)
Eyepatched cutie Rikka Takan*shi from Ch*niby* Demo Ko ga Sh*tai!! as charming desktop clock.

Date:2012-10-29 DL:3

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