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Netorare Theater 6 - The Devil Inside (Wife's Belly)
Blue Light
$12.93 (1,050 JPY)
A wife tends with the utmost care to her bedridden husband, but in her womb is another man's child...

Netorare Theater 7 - Relapsed and Reborn
Blue Light
$12.93 (1,050 JPY)
Tits milked and money extorted while her husband and son wait cluelessly at home...

Childhood Playmate Turned Femdom
enka boots
$10.34 (840 JPY)
They reunite after many years - she's become a buxom dominatrix! Original illustrations for masochist males.

Doll Festa/SISSY Girl
$12.93 (1,050 JPY)
Two stories of bondage and submission: Kotone becomes a living doll exhibit; clinically depressed Arisa finds herself in an exhibitionist toilet stall.

How to raise a pet (anthology)
Studio ParM
$14.22 (1,155 JPY)
Takan*shi-kun snaps and goes sex-berserk on Poplar. The complete assault training W*RKING!! (W*GNARIA!!) doujinshi.

Kodo Gyass 2
Youtou Sadamitsu
$9.05 (735 JPY)
Hot CG of CC from Code G*ass. Extreme orange-in-p*ssy that don't come out.

Lucky Slits Mai & King
$9.05 (735 JPY)
King and Mai (KOF) gratify their clamoring fans at a festival?! Paizuri for everyone.

Sister Emilia's Sensual Day in the Life
PitoN Works
$5.17 (420 JPY)
A day in the life of the only nun in a convent of priests. RPG style adventure game. No battles.

Passionate Sex Positions 2
$9.05 (735 JPY)
Various sex positions/poses of of characters in all the many possible ways.

Crimson Elegy
$6.46 (525 JPY)
There's little to eat and the weather has turned bitter cold. Even with Hijikata pressuring him, Okita won't get off his butt.

Princess Code 04
$6.46 (525 JPY)
R-18 ero manga about Ri*sz from Seik*n Densetsu 3.

Sailor Uniform Girl Enko
Milling Bell
$9.05 (735 JPY)
A young schoolgirl accepts money from a dirty old man, another victim of the common practice known as "paid dating".

DANCING V Ayane Edition
$11.63 (945 JPY)
The circle's 5th anniversary special CG collection. Starring Ayane from DOA. 50 base images, over 2000 total!

This Is Wrong! Luka Sensei
$9.05 (735 JPY)
Luka Meg*rine (V*caloid) as a seductive big-breasted schoolteacher.

Inu Mo Kuwanai - Liebeszwist
$3.87 (315 JPY)
School themed Het*lia parallel world. (Adults only) Gilbert x Ludwig.

TelepoR*pe -Obscenity of the Jumper-
kojikino sukebee
$7.75 (630 JPY)
A man with the ability to project his genitals to different locations strikes deep into the mouths and p*ssies of women!

Stubby uncircumsized shonen & tawdry 501st girls
$9.05 (735 JPY)
For masochist males and fans of Str*ke Witches. Starring: Erica, Minna, Lynette, Sanya, Eila

Cave X (Doutsuka Kakeru)
$1.29 (105 JPY)
Retro style 2D platformer. Each stage has an exit for you to reach. Clear all stages if you can.

$19.39 (1,575 JPY)
A Sci-Fi story about a hero and her companions as they battle battle against another robo-woman. 2nd of a series.

How To Befriend An Elf Girl
T no Hito
$5.17 (420 JPY)
Dr*gon Quest elf and orc erotic manga.

I'm Forced To Give Blowjobs Even Though I Hate You -Don't Cum Inside Me!- Vol.2
PitoN Works
$6.46 (525 JPY)
An entitled princess (virgin) talks down to you with undisguised disdain. Make love to that pretty mouth... top and bottom! (CV: Momoka Yuzuki)

Bliss in the Girls Toilet! Girl Sh*t Is Best!
Fresh Meat Juice Academy
$15.51 (1,260 JPY)
Jack off while you eat the feces of a bishoujo! Filthy freak!

Bunka Shinryaku
$7.75 (630 JPY)
A Super S*nico doujinshi anthology starring the title character. Debuted at C82.

Track and Field Girl's Crash Course
$6.46 (525 JPY)
A special lesson with the sprint runner! Of course it's sex. :)

Toys Are Real
$3.87 (315 JPY)
Anthropomorphized characters from Japanese children's TV shows such as Miits*keta, Poco Pott*ito, etc. Heartwarming comedy.

Ruined Hospital Confinement Game
Dolphin Dou
$16.81 (1,365 JPY)
Get the higher score to be allowed atrocious acts against your captive, unwilling lover.

Ar*a the Sc*rlett Ammo HahHah CG Collection
Lolita Channel
$12.93 (1,050 JPY)
Her air hole will be opened!!

I Want to Be a Girl (Feminized Body Mod)
Shishiou Contents
$19.39 (1,575 JPY)
Sexy scenario of a shonen transformed completely into a female.

The Loser With The Enormous Penis: Eight F*ck Sluts on the Summer Beach
$19.39 (1,575 JPY)
Beautiful bikini girls prancing around waiting for your big thick c*ck to slip up their ever-wet holes.

Date:2012-08-10 DL:9

Harem In Maze UPPERS (Expansion)
Chogokin Dental
$9.05 (735 JPY)
10 new costumes, new skills (voiced!), increased max leveling, 300% more explorable maze, new battle features, new sex event...

Date:2012-06-18 DL:9

Corpulent Gape Contagion: Futanari Pandemic
$12.93 (1,050 JPY)
There's a virus on the loose turning hot swimsuit girls into uber-voluptuous futanari maniacs!

Date:2012-04-03 DL:3

Train Collection 2012 Edition
$9.05 (735 JPY)
Documentation and appreciation of Japan Railway (JR) trains.

Date:2012-04-15 DL:1

Feminized Submissive Mistress Takumi - Career of Assault
Nikubenki Sensakusho
$10.34 (840 JPY)
He woke up in a hospital bed and looked at his changed body. This was no dream... and yet it didn't feel real either.

Date:2012-08-12 DL:9

Magical Girl Pilicia -Pleasure Hell At Last-
$9.05 (735 JPY)
The 4th original assault CG image collection about a magical girl.

Date:2012-01-27 DL:1

Shrine Offerings
Color Jelly
$9.05 (735 JPY)
Adult CG collection with short story about shrine maidens only.

Date:2012-01-10 DL:1

Youtou Sadamitsu
$9.05 (735 JPY)
All about Sigy from Qu**n's Blade Reb*llion. Warning: HARDCORE futanari

Date:2012-07-26 DL:1

Put Your Clothes On Sis +
Uradora Mangan
$9.05 (735 JPY)
Little brother: "Please wear something..." Big sister: "NEEEVAAARRR!!"

Date:2012-07-12 DL:3

Good night my Yui
Nyotanko Studio
$7.75 (630 JPY)
R-18 CG collection of a drugged girl who is teased and cum inside while sleeping.

Date:2011-12-12 DL:1

hitagi game
$7.75 (630 JPY)
One day Hitagi offered a very odd proposal to Araragi.

Date:2012-02-05 DL:2

I Want To Sleep So Soundly With My Onesan
$10.34 (840 JPY)
Slip into the role of otouto (young brother) and enjoy this multi-part drama and relaxation aid. (CV: Nanako Igarashi)

Date:2012-10-17 DL:2

Dearbeast Pre
$3.87 (315 JPY)
Tor*ko and C*co from the titular Tor*ko anime series. Kemono/animalized boys love.

Date:2012-10-17 DL:1

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