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Giant Naughty Woman BEST
945 JP yen (11.22 US$)
A set of works on the theme of "big woman assaulting a boy."

Danganball Totally Delusion Edition 04
630 JP yen (7.48 US$)
Erotic parody work of Drag*n Ball.

Rumble Loser
ankoku marimokan
735 JP yen (8.72 US$)
CG image collection about Reiko from R*mble Rose.

1,050 JP yen (12.47 US$)
This is the "training and submission" edition of soccer athlete humiliation series.

How to raise Remilia
630 JP yen (7.48 US$)
A consensual love sex with Remilia from Touhou project.

1,050 JP yen (12.47 US$)
CG image collection about K-*N! girls who have become chubby!

Minimum Inside
630 JP yen (7.48 US$)
A magic spell of a monster made Tifa's brain a baby one!

GS Restraint War
Atelier Mist
630 JP yen (7.48 US$)
CG image collection of Reiko from GS. She is restraint in cosplay.

Ear Cleaning Massage Shop
525 JP yen (6.23 US$)
A shy virgin boy decided to go to an ear cleaning massage shop.

Momoe in brass band club Vol.1
Kuro Food
735 JP yen (8.72 US$)
This is an original CG image collection in forced situations.

Brainwashing education room
735 JP yen (8.72 US$)
Medaka from Medaka B*x is brainwashed and violated by an ugly man.

I forced myself to expose
420 JP yen (4.98 US$)
A story about a bullied girl who is forced to expose her body in public.

Female doctor's seduction
A water flea
840 JP yen (9.97 US$)
Have you ever dreamed of being consulted by a naughty female doctor?

Do this and that to Mitsud*moe girl
630 JP yen (7.48 US$)
An erotic story featuring Hitoha and Mitsuba from Mitsud*moe.

juuhachiwai san
105 JP yen (1.24 US$)
An original illustration collection of three girls.

Melon's super vibration! R4
840 JP yen (9.97 US$)
A fan comic based on Tales of the A*yss.

Uragi Chapter 1 - Imouto Aido First Part
630 JP yen (7.48 US$)
The 1st volume of the Uragi series with some corrections and additions.

Transform that girl's belly!
630 JP yen (7.48 US$)
The boss of an evil super-robot creature only aims to rule the entire galaxy.

840 JP yen (9.97 US$)
F*llmetal Alchemist's H*voc and R*y in a yaoi story.

Ancopan G 2
Circle Anco
1,050 JP yen (12.47 US$)
Various characters from various animes and games.

Beast Man's Breakfast
105 JP yen (1.24 US$)
A housemate beast man is in heat.

Transforming Girlfriend
945 JP yen (11.22 US$)
This is a digital novel about sex with a girl named Mana, who has the ability to transform herself.

Dirt Pair
735 JP yen (8.72 US$)
An erotic scene in a car featuring the couple from Dirt* Pair.

Drug Sex Transfer Hospital
735 JP yen (8.72 US$)
This is a story about a playboy who is turned into a woman.

Sisters! 3
210 JP yen (2.49 US$)
The naughty everyday life of the lead character and his 10 "sisters" who live in the same house.

Marine Fight LOVE!
Small key
630 JP yen (7.48 US$)
Erika feels inferior to her big sister and wonders how she can become prettier.

Fondled by my father in law as punishment
1,050 JP yen (12.47 US$)
Kahori's father in law knows about her indiscretions with a neighbor and exploits her body.

Date:2010-04-26 DL:1

Athena Slave Body Project
945 JP yen (11.22 US$)
Erotic parody CG image collection of Athena from KOF.

Date:2010-05-16 DL:12

Collection Hard Redux
3,045 JP yen (36.16 US$)
A collection of 26 flash animation loops of various categories.

Date:2009-10-04 DL:38

945 JP yen (11.22 US$)
Female fighters from T*KKEN 6. 20 base CG... with 2180 variations images (!)

Date:2010-07-18 DL:2

fairy tales of dwarf 2
1,260 JP yen (14.96 US$)
Riko was shipwrecked on an island inhabited by tiny men with big members.

Date:2010-06-06 DL:2


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