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Masochistic Player
Marry Program
840 JP yen (9.71 US$)
CG image collection featuring Lucia and Soi Fo* from BL**CH!

Tsundere Chubby Secretary
735 JP yen (8.49 US$)
Full color love-love erotic manga.

Size for Mayu-chan
1,260 JP yen (14.56 US$)
Flash adventure to taste the virginity of a pretty girl.

El-tentacle Birth Lady's Mk.A PHASE-3 2 of 1
Koga Ryohei
315 JP yen (3.64 US$)
Futanari tentacle elf Keila comes back to Ingra who has a plump belly, with a tentacle monster.

The Qw*ser of Spermsplatter (Holy Covetous Cum)
1,575 JP yen (18.20 US$)
An erotic new hyper-orgasmic ADV game devoted to Maf*yu, T*mo and Ter*sa!

I can't see your face
Cli Pick
945 JP yen (10.92 US$)
The main character finds a photo of a woman who looks exactly like his wife on a spy photo website.

Danganball Totally Delusion Edition 03
735 JP yen (8.49 US$)
Erotic parody work of Drag*n Ball.

Violation of Sports Club Girl - First Part
Ribons nights
735 JP yen (8.49 US$)
Original CG image collection where 3 girls who love sports get attacks from cruel men.

Kazoku Aikan.
Dorichin Works
630 JP yen (7.28 US$)
A girl named Michika becomes a sex object of her father and big brother.

petits fours p
210 JP yen (2.42 US$)
An illustration collection focusing on 3 girls from T*P.

Konshoku Memoirs 2
735 JP yen (8.49 US$)
Women of the fantasy world, sexually devoured by monsters of the fantasy world.

Daydream of Marquis de Sade
Genso Yakai
1,365 JP yen (15.78 US$)
A perverted world of cross-dress and bondage.

My friend's Father
735 JP yen (8.49 US$)
Yumi spends a night in her close friend's house.

525 JP yen (6.06 US$)
A CG image collection for adults about Toaru K*gaku no Railg*n.

Female Warrior, defeated by Ork
840 JP yen (9.71 US$)
Female Warrior is defeated by huge orks and sees her violated.

630 JP yen (7.28 US$)
A set of 3 previously released offset doujinshi.

Illustrations XII
Ground Top
840 JP yen (9.71 US$)
9 main (plus 8 variation) illustrations drawn in anime style.

1,050 JP yen (12.13 US$)
Due to the tradition of the family, Masahiro has to marry the first child of Mikami Family, regardless of sex.

White Cream all over the Busty Maid
105 JP yen (1.21 US$)
CG image collection about splashing semen to a pink-haired maid and making her white.

Noraneko no Tama
630 JP yen (7.28 US$)
This time, boys tease an insolent A-grade girl.

Insert as you like
Erotan Seijin
735 JP yen (8.49 US$)
Rock-paper-scissors and win 3 times to see erotic Flash animation.

Use drugs in an appropriate dosage
Nettou onsen
735 JP yen (8.49 US$)
A comic about Ar t*nelico, 22 pages.

SS Mode 4
735 JP yen (8.49 US$)
CG image collection of a princess who is married to a perverted royal family.

Date:2009-10-17 DL:3

R's factory
1,050 JP yen (12.13 US$)
Erotic CG image collection featuring female characters from Gun*am 00.

Date:2009-12-23 DL:1

Le Monde du Silence-The Silent World-IV
840 JP yen (9.71 US$)
The 4th CG collection starring Sa*lor Saturn.

Date:2010-06-12 DL:1

Tentacle CG
525 JP yen (6.06 US$)
A small but original CG image collection for adults featuring tentacles.

Date:2010-05-29 DL:5

Kinnik*man Erotic Wrestling! -Illustration 1-
Wrestling Club
525 JP yen (6.06 US$)
Gay-oriented illustrated collection, volume 1, on the theme of Kinnik*man.

Date:2010-04-11 DL:10


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