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Stone Statue
1,050 JP yen (10.74 US$)
Collection of 3DCG and short movies. Threatened by a statue, a girl is forced to substitute a nude statue.

TsunxBote! ~Love me as well as my baby inside me!~
1,365 JP yen (13.97 US$)
One day, a girl who he loves since childhood visits him and asks him to impregnate her to avoid the unwanted marriage.

HiMeRaGi7 CureCure555
1,050 JP yen (10.74 US$)
This title is full of scatology featuring characters from Cure5.

Pants Revolution
735 JP yen (7.52 US$)
A comic in full color featuring Marisa from Touhou. Recommended for those who love Marisa.

Kan Nora
Noraneko Kobo
945 JP yen (9.67 US$)
19th hentai CG collection featuring Tsugumi and Zange from Kan*agi.

Minority hearts
525 JP yen (5.37 US$)
This is a CG image collection of Martha from Tales of S*mphonia: Knight of Rat*tosk.

Housewife Online, Breath of the mother in law. Part 2
T&A Plan
1,050 JP yen (10.74 US$)
This is the 5th CG collection of Housewife Online. The second part of "Breath of Mother-in-Law." No dialogs.

tegaki illust 2
Mix Station
840 JP yen (8.59 US$)
Second volume of Hand-drawn Illustrations series.

Abyss in Wonderland - 2nd part
Kaijin no Ora
420 JP yen (4.29 US$)
This is the second half of the parody book about Alice from S*und Horiz*n.

840 JP yen (8.59 US$)
Featuring Lala and Haruna from To Love-r*, CG images of sex with monster.

Kyu on training of bomb mining
Magical Sweet
1,155 JP yen (11.82 US$)
Kyou F*jibayashi from CLANN*D wears bombs on her.

Impregnation Girl
945 JP yen (9.67 US$)
CG image collection about the impregnation of a certain girl with short story.

Do you like breasts? Well I do!
King Revolver
735 JP yen (7.52 US$)
Story about breast sex of Rider from *ate.

Music Teacher Marie
2,205 JP yen (22.56 US$)
Marie, living in usual life by hiding her past experience of being raped, is now a teacher.

Love Over Song
Studio RG
630 JP yen (6.44 US$)
A hilarious parody manga which crosses over several series such as T*Heart, W*ITE ALBUM and Idol M*ster.

Dark Rose EX-S
630 JP yen (6.44 US$)
Second volume of JOB series where Fina* Fantasy 5's heroine, Lenna shows up in naughty situations in various costumes.

The costume bondage CG's
choice a costume girl
840 JP yen (8.59 US$)
Set of CG images and novels that were on the circle's website. (The website is closed.)

Chocolate HEART
Dat Cross
420 JP yen (4.29 US$)
Erotic comic and illustration collection featuring original maid.

Alice IN Nightmare
735 JP yen (7.52 US$)
Original comic collection on the theme of Alice series.

Panting with Geass
Unini gumi
630 JP yen (6.44 US$)
This is the download version of doujinshi about Cod* Geass in full color.

Attack! Pheromones 8
Ariyon Dou
735 JP yen (7.52 US$)
18+ only CG collection based on FIRE E*BLEM -Shadow Dragon -.

Date:2008-12-08 DL:3

Summon N*ght vol. 1 - 8
2,520 JP yen (25.79 US$)
'This is a set of 8 parody comics of Summon N*ght 2.

Date:2008-06-30 DL:1

Shoujo no Michikusa - Lost Cat -
1,155 JP yen (11.82 US$)
This is an adventure game on the theme of cat, lolita and eroticism!

Date:2009-01-21 DL:8

Dangerous Sisters SAKURA VS Naughty monster with tentacle
945 JP yen (9.67 US$)
Momo is taken to their hideout by multiple fighters, and Sakura, left all alone, awaits her fate of tentacle violation.

Date:2009-02-21 DL:10

mizumo selection 3
Black Alice in Wonderland
1,050 JP yen (10.74 US$)
The girl he met in the elevator of the apartment was beautiful.

Date:2008-07-22 DL:9

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