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840 JP yen (7.92 US$)
Luke and Markut show up after being invited by Peony. There, they meet Jade again, who is secretly giving lectures at a university as an 'expert.' Howev

Princess, I love you!
1,050 JP yen (9.90 US$)
Features Fine, Sophie, Millo, Rein, Altessa!

Love x Pri
Akatsuki Domei
735 JP yen (6.93 US$)
This is a slightly different erotic manga by our guest Sugimura Drill featuring an Assassin x Priest pairing.

Ura Famicocoron Vol. 1
Honou no Maco
630 JP yen (5.94 US$)
The adult version of the retro game magazine, Famiconcoron!

Record of the Labyrinth Incident 1
Team Meikyu
1,050 JP yen (9.90 US$)
In this training-style voice drama, the usually sadistic princess Yoshikawa Hanao does an amazing job of playing the role of a masochist!

Hard Geass
Nekonote shobou
1,050 JP yen (9.90 US$)
Ka**n has infiltrated the Tokyo Sokai casino to gather information.

Mutation - 3 Sister Sacrifice
1,575 JP yen (14.85 US$)
Violate the 3 most beautiful and unattainable sisters at the academy!

Plump Lovers 2
1,050 JP yen (9.90 US$)
Our second CG jiggly-jubbly CG collection for all of those who love girls with voluptuous figures!

Kona Kona vol.0
630 JP yen (5.94 US$)
A four-scene comic about Lucky S*ar and Sergeant F*og.

Another Dolls
1,575 JP yen (14.85 US$)
~This all-erotic event and animation is brought to you in an unprecedented hardcore erotic-cute style!!~

630 JP yen (5.94 US$)
His organs jump out like tentacles.

The Mansion of Hungry Ghosts
630 JP yen (5.94 US$)
I visited my grandfather's house with my mom during summer vacation. I had been told that there were ghosts residing there in the small old mansion...

Frontier Girl
735 JP yen (6.93 US$)
An illustration collection about Ma*ross F.

Moester Hunter
Blood beach
1,155 JP yen (10.89 US$)
In this game, you're equipped with Kirin Equipment from M*nster Hunter to aim for the "Shojo Hunter"!

Monster Age 02
1,050 JP yen (9.90 US$)
Futanari (hermaphrodites), muscles, multiple tits, and more are included in this unique collection of sexual fetishes, so please be aware before buying.

Heals and Kills2
Akahira Kirin
735 JP yen (6.93 US$)
This is a RO-styled story.

Kakuko 8
840 JP yen (7.92 US$)
This is parody comic about Chu*li and Shiranui **i.

Placebo Girl
735 JP yen (6.93 US$)
Part One of a N*w Genesis Evan**lion Asuka-violation series.

Loli Loli Paradise
Dragon Edge
1,365 JP yen (12.87 US$)
The girls move at 30 frames per second animation and pant with the complete voiceovers that bring every second of animation alive.

Date:2007-11-24 DL:19

Legend of Tyris
Noradamashii 392
735 JP yen (6.93 US$)
Pictures of the G*lden Axe heroine T*ris Flare's adventures.

Date:2007-09-24 DL:17

Toho Makashinsai
1,575 JP yen (14.85 US$)
'7th album, including 15 vocal tracks for T*ho Project.

Date:2008-06-16 DL:4

Pleasure Substances Ver.0.5
630 JP yen (5.94 US$)
In this title we have attempted to render 3D images created using rough sketches from a fan made comic, organized by theme.

Date:2008-04-30 DL:2

Marine Peas
Sairo Publishing
1,260 JP yen (11.88 US$)
Nami has been sexually insulted at Aaron's place. Now, at night on the ship, she is unable to control the lust inside of her. She tries to seduce her comrades, but they turn the tables on her!

Date:2008-08-15 DL:2

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