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Seductive Girl
Norihei Ginjo
630 JP yen (5.88 US$)
In order to satisfy sexual desires sLanamie seduces Orks out in the woods!

735 JP yen (6.86 US$)
Originally published winter 2002. T*R Sci-fi parallel story volume 1. Kinya is a new recruit for the space police.

Ayaka's End-of-the-Century Prediction 5
Akahira Kirin
840 JP yen (7.84 US$)
For Hiroyuki, Ayaka selects a swimsuit which suit him. Eventually she seduces Hiroyuki just as usual!

Manyu Gunsho
Nitch Industry
735 JP yen (6.86 US$)
This is an over-18 only doujinshi (fan comic) featuring the characters of F*re Emblem Fu**.

Masturbation Aid Voice - Tentacle Princess / Imperial Princess Volume MP3 Edition
Kajihara eM
1,050 JP yen (9.80 US$)
Every sound in this wave version contains the same high quality as the master track. MP3 version.

Pretty Lamia - DL version
Hibi Rakuraku
525 JP yen (4.90 US$)
Erotic manga featuring a Lamia with the upper body of a girl and the lower body of a serpent.

We are IOSYS
1,050 JP yen (9.80 US$)
IOSYS's original album, including 6 tracks!

Alaska 12
945 JP yen (8.82 US$)
Neri-sama, having been restrained, is violated by a veritable tempest of sexual assault.

Makedoni Ya
1,050 JP yen (9.80 US$)
A story about the younger sister of Kyon from 'The Melancholy of Ha**hi Suzumiya'.

Katayude vol.2
Al dente
945 JP yen (8.82 US$)
A CG image collection of DQ5, featuring the Queen.

The Day I Picked Up an Abandoned Cat
525 JP yen (4.90 US$)
A cat-like girl is abducted in the park and tied up. Exposed and such, she becomes just another thing outside.

Kakuwane is Watching, Volume 8
Pudding Delice
735 JP yen (6.86 US$)
An erotic CG image collection of Phant*sy Star Portable, featuring Vivi*n.

Teach me! Maria's Brilliant Achievement 2
840 JP yen (7.84 US$)
A full color digital image compilation of the female sorcerer from Words W*rth.

Leather Mama R
1,155 JP yen (10.78 US$)
This is a previously drawn publication but since it was in black and white the presentation of the leather was lacking.

Yellowtail Jellyfish
630 JP yen (5.88 US$)
When Bridget of GUILTY G*AR swallows something called "Midnight Bliss", he finally succeeds in transforming into a girl's body?!!!

Salvage-factory Anthology Vol.3
735 JP yen (6.86 US$)
A long-awaited best collection. It may be a little short, but I hope you will enjoy

840 JP yen (7.84 US$)
A 34-page erotic doujinshi featuring a student maid Sawatari I*mi!

Airily Steps
1,050 JP yen (9.80 US$)
A CG compilation of what Erika and Tomoka have to do to see to their male customers in their new pervy part-time job!! They'll have to suffer through this and that!!

Oekaki Homepage Remix
525 JP yen (4.90 US$)
A collection of all 16 products that have been on our webpage from 2006-08 in both high and super high resolution versions

Pururun Painomi .S
1,575 JP yen (14.70 US$)
This is the second episode in a series of fully voiced Flash animations about swaying breasts.

Date:2008-03-04 DL:17

Kiss my shit hole
Erotan Seijin
1,260 JP yen (11.76 US$)
Masochist men should kiss my asshole, you hear? I won't have anything to do with men who aren't male sex slaves who love perverted stuff.

Date:2008-08-08 DL:1

Almost Alone
525 JP yen (4.90 US$)
Her husband just having left on a business trip, a young wife is left alone at home. Without any children she is lonely without him, but still remains very happy.

Date:2008-07-10 DL:1

Two Princes
1,050 JP yen (9.80 US$)
Uzuki Miru, 2nd year student at the AbelCain Academy has come to a different world, “Haraiso” via unexpected circumstances.

Date:2007-09-29 DL:2

Is that a love song? Love?
H na Engawa
840 JP yen (7.84 US$)
A parody work of Mac*oss - Ai Oboetemasuka?

Date:2008-07-22 DL:1

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