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My Tsundere Princess
Amazora Bokujo
945 JP yen (8.65 US$)
The curtain rises on a delusional man's mad performance!

945 JP yen (8.65 US$)
A collection of CG images of S*reet Fighter's Chun*i. 1280x1024 BMP format 32 bit large images, as well as 800x400 in jpeg format.

D.M.C.F Live in Fuckingham Palace
630 JP yen (5.76 US$)
Ma*rossF's group of songstresses and Craus*er's DMC come together in a hardcore hentai!! Featuring skat, fisting, and 'grabbing hold of the womb' deep penetration!

420 JP yen (3.84 US$)
A collection of shorts featuring the female characters of Per*ona 3.

Kitsunetsuki Lovers
Neko Hime Gumi
630 JP yen (5.76 US$)
The second chapter of the novel and 18+ CG collection.

Talk Dirty ~ Little Sister Love Fellatio Stories ~
Iron Wear
1,260 JP yen (11.53 US$)
Your little sister is completely devoted to you, and she's come to be with you for over an hour!

Inrei Gari 2
840 JP yen (7.69 US$)
Riko is captured, and violated all over again by Shingon Tachikawaryu. In front of Tomoyuki's eyes, Riko is turned into nothing but a sex object for three men.

525 JP yen (4.80 US$)
Ca*tor has developed a keen interest in Sa*er's underwear, and wanting to dress her in them, uses force.

Urakame 3
Creature's Core
1,365 JP yen (12.49 US$)
In order to help the company flourish, Re*ko uses the body she inherited from her mother in service transactions...

Getsuyo Kaigan Complete Collection Vol. 1
kousou kaseki teien
1,050 JP yen (9.61 US$)
This is a compilation of volumes 1-3 of Hozumi Naiki's original swimsuit girl illustration doujinshi Getsuyo Kaigan.

Meikai Chigoku
945 JP yen (8.65 US$)
Erotic CG collection featuring a sailor scout getting violated.

525 JP yen (4.80 US$)
A CG image collection of MAC*OSS F, featuring Sh*ryl

F*te sexy battle
735 JP yen (6.73 US$)
I*iya, Ri**, & Sa*er from F*te/Stay Night get themselves into a sex fight.

Dream Hacker
1,575 JP yen (14.42 US$)
It seems there's a way to control dreams. You create the image in your head of the dream you want to dream beforehand, but the details are unknown.

Tales of False vol.2
1,575 JP yen (14.42 US$)
This is a doujinshi about Ta*es of the abyss, including past works and brand new material.

Frog Aon
735 JP yen (6.73 US$)
I thought it would be interesting to do M*I HiME with the Kan*n characters, and that was the birth of this volume.

Ero Mafia
945 JP yen (8.65 US$)
A tough adult battle ensues between Mars P*ople and Ninja Girl.

LILITH-IZM 02 ~ Internal Cum Impregnation
Lilith / Pixy
1,890 JP yen (17.30 US$)
This time, the theme is "Internal cum and Impregnate"! The creator, full of confidence, is so passionate and is eager to make a story!

CG Collection vol.5.5 - With fan fiction Novels -
735 JP yen (6.73 US$)
Recently there has been a gathering of moe characters!

Date:2008-02-12 DL:1

kakumusume 6
735 JP yen (6.73 US$)
A set of ero manga and illustrations about female characters from fighting games such as Shira*ui Mai, Kasumi, Ayane, Jane.

Date:2008-06-14 DL:7

735 JP yen (6.73 US$)
The content is exactly same as of te full-color doujinshi that we released in summer of 2006. Includes portraits of females in armors.

Date:2007-09-25 DL:4

Like human beings
735 JP yen (6.73 US$)
Rakutama is an over-18 only digital comic for boys featuring the heroines of Gin**ma, Kagu*a and Shi*ura.

Date:2007-10-20 DL:1

Tentacle Art
735 JP yen (6.73 US$)
An tentacle-oriented CG image collection.

Date:2008-06-15 DL:9

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