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Teito Boei Ryodan
1,050 JP yen (9.72 US$)
Her husband is working far away, and she seems always lonely.

735 JP yen (6.80 US$)
This is a book about Usami-chan from Gag manga bi*ori.

No resisting violation Bra Burma and Knee Socks
5done Syndrome
840 JP yen (7.77 US$)
It took such a short time for a brume girl, who didn't even know the taste of kiss, to learns all about a man...

Yoko Han
Shimekiri 3punmae
735 JP yen (6.80 US$)
Unable to hold it any longer, Y*ko goes outside. Suddenly K*mina's head appears and Y*ko is so surprised that she can't stop herself and she pees all over his face.

Warm Little Girl's Milk
1,575 JP yen (14.58 US$)
130 cuts, 51 scene, total of 20 minuets animation movie.

840 JP yen (7.77 US$)
'Secret House 2 is a BL-style produced visual novel.

Ra*ma de Panda
Ashita ha docchida!?
735 JP yen (6.80 US$)
Ra*ma de Panda is a light Flash video of our favorite sexless fighter who turns into a girl when splashed with water and his companion's naughty antics.

The Screams of a Young Girl - Short -
Cutter's adult Heaven
735 JP yen (6.80 US$)
This game proceeds by having you choose one of six panels.

Breast Medical Panic!
Temple of Hitoha
1,050 JP yen (9.72 US$)
This game does not include illustrations of actual sex or titty-fucking.

Abandon Your Hope
Kashi-pan Koubo
525 JP yen (4.86 US$)
Abandon Your Hope is a story featuring a female version of Alucard from HELL*ING teasing Walter.

Cosplay Magical Fighter, Buruma Jasmine
1,575 JP yen (14.58 US$)
Cosplay Magical Fighter, Buruma Jasmine is a voiced production with JPEG images and a short story.

Succubus Party
Fake gate
735 JP yen (6.80 US$)
Akatsuki, a sexual demon, bewitches a large number of men and leads them into a gymnasium for a night of debauchery in order to collect the most amount of semen all at once.

Fetish Specialists: Version 10 - Secret Tales from a Gynecologist - Special Value Pack
735 JP yen (6.80 US$)
When I was working in the field of medical information, I collected these stories and based this production off of them

My Teacher, Ms. Yoko - The Secret of Her Ass -
1,050 JP yen (9.72 US$)
This production is a female teacher anal training CG collection.

Ai-chan's Lips Were Seductive, So I Made Her Suck It
630 JP yen (5.83 US$)
This is a Ya*terman story. Doro*jo-sama makes A*-chan and her adorable lips kiss, suck, and be covered in hot cum from Ga*-chan's cock...

Violation Rider
T-E Kikaku
1,050 JP yen (9.72 US$)
A cruel and evil organization run by Violation Rider was founded to violate women, and Yellow has just appeared right in front of him!

Fighting of Ecstasy (Language: English)
1,785 JP yen (16.52 US$)
Our erotic fighting scenes are now a game!!

735 JP yen (6.80 US$)
Yoshanena is a story featuring Ne** from G*ndam00.

Date:2008-06-12 DL:2

Futahen Vol. 4
525 JP yen (4.86 US$)
Sara and Soju have gone to stay at their big brother's house.

Date:2008-05-25 DL:2

Night Childcare At Nursery School - MP3 Version
1,155 JP yen (10.69 US$)
During the day she's a kind teacher who watches over children. At night, she transforms into a perverted queen.

Date:2008-01-11 DL:1

Want to Make an RPG?
Yumetsuki Kobo
630 JP yen (5.83 US$)
I've made this for people who want to create an original game.

Date:2007-07-08 DL:1

A Stunning BGM Orchestra Collection (Copyright Free under certain circumstance)
6th Heaven Tabla Yoshimaru
1,575 JP yen (14.58 US$)
This is a collection of orchestral background music. You are free to use it in games or in movies.

Date:2008-02-01 DL:1

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