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Gaba! Man
Ninosaki Miyako
840 JP yen (8.73 US$)
The people of the town look down on Nami and Robin -- but the two are not at all fazed.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nano*a NNS -Chapter: Black-
735 JP yen (7.64 US$)
Previously released Magical Girl Lyrical Nano*a NNS in DL version.

In the Head of Koutarou Inuzuka -All is in Pink-
630 JP yen (6.54 US$)
1st illustration collection of JUNK DOG!

The Madness of Taiho University Hospital -4th Night-
945 JP yen (9.82 US$)
A wife comes home only to have a chastity belt put on her by a gross man. That was the beginning of an experiment to make her his lover.

Comic Paradise '07 November
840 JP yen (8.73 US$)
Comic Paradise '07 November, for adults only

Soft indecency -The Fighting Chinese Girls
Iron Wear
1,260 JP yen (13.09 US$)
Don't you want to share the hospitality of fighting Chinese girls?

PeachGirl -a school swimsuit-
Milk Laboratory
735 JP yen (7.64 US$)
CG image collection of a big breasted girl in a school-style swimsuit.

Moe Sange + Ayame
Art Jam
630 JP yen (6.54 US$)
Set of Art Jam's copyrighted illustration collection of tentacles "Moe Sange" and Jam's illustration collection of shrine maiden in full color, "Ayame".

Heppoko Quest WIDE2
Shadow athlete
630 JP yen (6.54 US$)
This is the sequel of the widely popular “Heppoko Quest WIDE” shown on our home page.

735 JP yen (7.64 US$)
The 4th installment of HAPPYCORE CG image collection featuring Rag*arok Online.

Exorcist and Incubus - Anecdote of Devil during War in Europe
945 JP yen (9.82 US$)
The hermaphroditic monster hunter, Hikaru Tsuchimikado, managed to enter the empire during their civil war.

love pink
735 JP yen (7.64 US$)
Pussycat degraded by the attack opens the door to the pleasure...

735 JP yen (7.64 US$)
This is a heartwarming yet erotic comic about N*l from Bl**ch.

queen's spindle
630 JP yen (6.54 US$)
21-page manga featuring Le*na from Queen's Bla*e.

The Case with Yumiko
840 JP yen (8.73 US$)
This is a compilation of the funny 2-page-spread Manga that was featured in the popular “bottom-lover’ magazine for over 10 years. We have extracted the 28 chapters (Volume 41 to 68).

Mazemono 2
630 JP yen (6.54 US$)
'This time again, many things are mixed.

Mars -Inkon Violation
945 JP yen (9.82 US$)
Sailor senshi Erotic CG Compilation 'Sailor senshi was forced to grow a female penis, then got stimulated…

630 JP yen (6.54 US$)
2-episode manga featuring characters from Co*e Ge*ss.

SE-N pai!! Vol. 2
735 JP yen (7.64 US$)
Circle's original work. Soppy masochist Ran teases people around.

Mithra wo Mederu Hon 5 (Getting laid with the apple of my eye 5)
Mederu Kai
525 JP yen (5.45 US$)
X-rated hentai manga of F*nal Fantasy 11. Humiliation story of Semih L**ihna.

1,365 JP yen (14.18 US$)
Circle's original action comic, GG Quatre, featuring massive boobs.

Monster Half is Pandora
840 JP yen (8.73 US$)
Mitsuki had been living as a hunter in a certain town, and goes out on a quest with two other male hunters. No way did she have any idea that she would be violated...

Date:2008-09-09 DL:7

Policewoman Assault City Volume 5
Usako KF
1,050 JP yen (10.91 US$)
Brutal CG illustrated story of a policewoman in uniform getting thoroughly assaulted. This is an omnibus story with 3 different chapters with very hardcore content.

Date:2007-11-22 DL:9

Futanari Dirty Talk 3 - Three Futanari Sisters, Part 3 -
Iron Wear
1,470 JP yen (15.28 US$)
The last in the "Three Futanari Sisters" Trilogy!

Date:2008-05-24 DL:2

Strangle Tales from the East
Takamachi Chabatake
1,050 JP yen (10.91 US$)
Strange Tales from the East is a barrage-styled shooting block-breaking collection.

Date:2008-05-24 DL:2

Sage of the Lost Children - The DQ3 Female Sage Violation Document -
735 JP yen (7.64 US$)
A DQ3 female sage only CG compilation, featuring no mercy violation and assault!

Date:2008-04-09 DL:2

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