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English voice version of Umemaro's Lewd Consultation Room is now on sale!!

English voice version of the blockbuster movie is finally released!!

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COMIC Kusuhaa
525 JP yen (4.81 US$)
Kusuha and Britt are all over each other again, and Kusuha begs Britt to let ler give him a blowjob. Kusuha loves cum and gets filled with it in her mouth and pussy.

Kkebukuro West Ga*e Park - Makoto no kai
420 JP yen (3.84 US$)
'This is the sequel to a collaboration between a PC game and a TV drama. Sawatari Mako is lost.

Up to Death
945 JP yen (8.66 US$)
This remix album of the tracks used in Toho Project series, created by Phoenix Project VS SEPIA-SIS.

CW+XX ver.Complete
840 JP yen (7.69 US$)
The main feature of this comic is Bri*get, a character of Guilty G*ar series. It also features a Cho*its character just a little.

Ga*atea, Slave Hunting (Regular Edition)
Kajihara eM
630 JP yen (5.77 US$)
By orders from the organization, Ga*atea from the CLAY*ORE series has enslaved demons!

Assault Camp
1,050 JP yen (9.62 US$)
Young girls have been assaulted at the camp grounds!

Gyakushoukan Kokuin
735 JP yen (6.73 US$)
Tarnia the magician has summoned a demon to be her personal servant, however...

Perverse Sacrifice
Erotan Seijin
1,260 JP yen (11.54 US$)
She's an older girl who really likes the perverted scat guy!

Nugima!! Perfect
1,050 JP yen (9.62 US$)
3rd CG image collection about Magical Teacher Negi*a!.

Priestess Layla
1,575 JP yen (14.43 US$)
This CG novel adventure game with decision branches features a priestess named Layla in a cave full of traps and perverted monsters who violate her in scenes full of shame and seductive depravity.

Bon'nou Gakuen 1 (Defilement Academy 1)
1,050 JP yen (9.62 US$)
Over 50 illustrations with attached perverted and amusing short stories include

Bon'nou Gakuen 2 (Defilement Academy 2)
1,050 JP yen (9.62 US$)
Over 50 illustrations with attached perverted and amusing short stories included!

Ariyon Dou
735 JP yen (6.73 US$)
This CG collection exclusively features Na** from Magi*ogi.

Lilian all-girls High - Campus Sodom
735 JP yen (6.73 US$)
'A school is attacked by a band of villains. The villains take the girls hostage. In order to protect her beloved Yumi, Akiko sacrifices herself.

Ayanami Training Plan (Language: English/Japanese)
PeroPero Candy
735 JP yen (6.73 US$)
It is the main game of Ayanami of the popular anime.

Aqua Leaza
Terorin Soft
1,260 JP yen (11.54 US$)
In order to stop the flying stronghold DEAZA GAIN from invading the sea of Ipshlore Qlutez, the tribes of Sea Elf and Sea Dragon formed a confederacy.

Date:2007-05-20 DL:10

D**gon Quest VIII - Princess Crisis w/voice of Skuara Kitigo
PeroPero Candy
1,365 JP yen (12.51 US$)
You are the hero. You set forth on a journey to save the king and princess transfigured by a cursed cane.

Date:2007-01-04 DL:16

Genki no Mizu no Waku Tokoro
945 JP yen (8.66 US$)
A CG collection about heroines of the following fantasy games:

Date:2007-08-08 DL:14

Kono Lolicon Domome! NEX (You lolicon bastards!! NEX)
System 4-5-1
1,050 JP yen (9.62 US$)
In this production, our breast jiggling is up 200% thanks to the anime-pattern touch-ups! Enjoy the enhanced and better than ever erotic Flash animations featuring Beako.

Monthy chart (2007-09-17) / ranking : 7th placeWeekly chart (2007-09-06) / ranking : 2nd place
Date:2007-08-26 DL:84

1,050 JP yen (9.62 US$)
Another great adventure game which involves Tifa. She rushes to the scene where she heard a female scream from.

Date:2007-02-21 DL:27

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