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Se*hia Sword
735 JP yen (6.16 US$)
A digital comic of DQS, feat. the priestess Se*ia.

Renjo Philosophy
Pink no Neko
840 JP yen (7.04 US$)
A doujinshi of Muh** to Lou**e no Maho Horitsu Sodanjo, featuring Lou**e and Muh**.

Sex Friends
Date ha Gorgeous ni
945 JP yen (7.92 US$)
HCGs of Top wo **rae!, featuring Jung Fre*d. This is a brand new CG set though the anime is fairly old. ; )

Chicchai Bruma
Doku Usagi Tai
630 JP yen (5.28 US$)
Features pretty young girls wearing gym shorts.

Phantasmagoria mystical expectation
945 JP yen (7.92 US$)
Original sound track, inspired by Toho Project series.

Joshi Benjo no Toilet Paper
Erotan Seijin
1,260 JP yen (10.56 US$)
You are worthless for me just like ass wiper in toilet!!

1,050 JP yen (8.80 US$)
Ishikawa Tetsuji, a rookie cop assigned to Public Security Division, entered in a multi-tenant building to arrest a criminal, but....!

Slave Rumble7
Akiyama production
1,365 JP yen (11.44 US$)
7th hentai doujinshi themed School *umble. The beautiful girls are trained to be sex slaves!!

Diginet Lovers No.2
Seisoken Mosokoheki
735 JP yen (6.16 US$)
A erotic novel (w/pictures), based on a true story.

WBC - The world match, episode III
Kyogawa Zaidan
630 JP yen (5.28 US$)
Pro female fuckers gathered here to be the world's best bitch!

Marugoto Shinobu
Orange Peels
945 JP yen (7.92 US$)
Shi**bu and Ka*de (from Ni**n ga Shi**buden) who were supposed to have some training, ends up having sex.

EROTIC CORE - Amagi Kei's CG archives
Amagi Tei
630 JP yen (5.28 US$)
A set of illustrations by Amagi Kei.
Characters: Aya**** Rei, Mi*a, Lunamari*, etc.

Kimita Itakara (Because of you)
525 JP yen (4.40 US$)
Original comic. A girl witch is seen by a regular man, as casting a spell.

Soreike!! Panya
Ai ha Kurayami
735 JP yen (6.16 US$)
Rookies start making love on the field under the cloak of training!!

Konoha 1goki
525 JP yen (4.40 US$)
NA**TO hentai. Realistic painting of Sa**la and te*ten.

JubyPupo!! - Yuzuha's case
Higashiyama Makoto BRAND
1,155 JP yen (9.68 US$)
AUDIO WORK. A young horny girl attempts to suck 10 cocks and let them all ejaculate within 20 minutes!!

Yometsushi - Inma Injyu
1,050 JP yen (8.80 US$)
CG collection. A beautiful young chick is violated by magical monsters, and ends up giving birth to a monster's baby.

Weekly chart (2006-05-13) / ranking : 6th place
Date:2006-05-08 DL:41

Hizashi no nakano real (In the afternoon sunshine)
mu soft
1,995 JP yen (16.72 US$)
The best-selling hentai sim game is finally available on English!! First-person-view hentai sim game, including a wide range of available actions such as touching and banging. Have a summer romance with pretty girls!

Total ranking (2007-03-30) : 17th placeYear Year 2007 ranking : 11th placeMonthy chart (2006-07-07) / ranking : 2nd placeWeekly chart (2006-07-01) / ranking : 1st place
Date:2006-06-27 DL:498

DOLLS2 Digital
Yuriai Kojinshi Kai
945 JP yen (7.92 US$)
Feat. sexy characters appeared in beat'-em-up games. After defeated in battles, they are imprisoned and violated.

Date:2006-08-28 DL:22

A female slave of the heavens
945 JP yen (7.92 US$)
HCGs of a DQV character, Bian*a. She gets dick drilled in her tight slit over and over again!! Rape, gangbang, animal sex, tentacle, and more.

Date:2006-09-27 DL:12

Think Parton
1,260 JP yen (10.56 US$)
This is a short story of Chris, an older sister of Hanasaki Karen.

Date:2007-01-21 DL:15

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