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This Ezine brings you fresh information about softwares and doujinshis newly registered on DLsite.com, and about updates of DLsite.com.

Doujin Animation Set (Incl. 3 animation movies)
2,100 JP yen (17.35 US$)
A set of 3 doujin animation works released in '90s from S.B.Project.

Abnoma Senka - Plus
945 JP yen (7.80 US$)
This CG set carries a lot of abnormal sexual images such as pussy stretch, big belly, impregnation, tentacle, etc.

Morisoba Iccho
1,050 JP yen (8.67 US$)
HCGs of Gin***, feat the thee female characters. of the anime.

Exciting Private Lesson!
1,365 JP yen (11.28 US$)
Saijo Natsumi is a highschool student who is my cousin lost her younger sister by a car accident years ago.

Classic Queen
Classic queen
945 JP yen (7.80 US$)
Features anime heroines in '70s - '80s. All the heroines are dominant here.

945 JP yen (7.80 US$)
14 sexy illustrations of an original character.

Dream *unter Reimu - Nemureru Jashin
1,365 JP yen (11.28 US$)
A hentai adventure game, parodying Dream *unter Reimu.

Ecchi na conbini he yokoso (Welcome to the hentai convenience store)
Arutemisu no tsuki
525 JP yen (4.33 US$)
The convenience store is known for its bizarre service.

PriPri Priest
Nishiogi Koubou
840 JP yen (6.94 US$)
HCGs of High Priest and Priest who are gangraped by lusty guys. The long-awaited 3rd work by Nishiogi Kobo!

Garakuta teikoku
630 JP yen (5.20 US$)
HCGs, portraying my favorite characters from various animes/games. Leisze, Haruhi, Sakura....and more!

735 JP yen (6.07 US$)
A prison cell in the big castle. A young girl is imprisoned in the small cell and raped by monsters.

I've wanted to see these kinds of stories!!
840 JP yen (6.94 US$)
Contains 3 stories with HCGs, focusing on incest sex and molestation in train.

The nightmare of the female spy
945 JP yen (7.80 US$)
HCG set of Fu**ko, the famous female spy character. She made a mistake during her spy mission at Scor*ion. Arrested, and raped by Mi*ter X.

Shin** Bansho HCG set
Air Hike
630 JP yen (5.20 US$)
HCGs of Shin** Bansho, including 11 CGs in 2 sizes: 1024x768 and 800x600 pixels.

Hanakairo Parody Art vol.2 - Hinakore Hinakore 3
525 JP yen (4.33 US$)
Gu*dam Seed doujinshi feat. Lacuks, Klein, and Miia *ampbell.

Ryujya Dou
840 JP yen (6.94 US$)
This work includes 25 CGs (800x800 pixels), and handdrawing Flash animation, both parodying **ina from *eens Blade.

Fate Ijiri
1,050 JP yen (8.67 US$)
This work features Fa*e-chan from Magical Girl Lyrical Na**ha. w/1 flash animation file as bonus.

Peepin' - Girl's room
Strawberry Shake
1,890 JP yen (15.61 US$)
You found and picked up a strange TV which shows girls in their own rooms in real time.

Monthy chart (2006-04-03) / ranking : 7th placeWeekly chart (2006-03-10) / ranking : 2nd place
Date:2006-03-04 DL:133

Empire Resource
630 JP yen (5.20 US$)
FF 11 hentai, including pictures of lesbian sex, naked, etc. The main characters are Mithra and Elvaan.

Date:2006-05-20 DL:51

Love love fighter
Pudding Club
1,680 JP yen (13.88 US$)
FULL ANIMATION! Where am I now? I seem to be separated from the guys.... I need to find them as soon as I can, otherwise the monsters will come and get me!!

Date:2006-10-19 DL:28

Hara Miko
Nekonote shobou
1,050 JP yen (8.67 US$)
A woman and her daughter who are priestess loves banging with creeping tentacle monsters!

25 CGs plus 130 alternate images.

Swollen belly, Egg production, Breast milk, Double penetration, Urination, Pooping, and more.

Date:2006-12-28 DL:14

Tokubetsu Kakuriku Shojo Jikkento(Quarantine)
Sofia Koubou
840 JP yen (6.94 US$)
HCGs of young girls abused by tentacle monsters and sexual torturing devices.

Date:2007-01-04 DL:25

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