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This Ezine brings you fresh information about softwares and doujinshis newly registered on DLsite.com, and about updates of DLsite.com.

Onna Senshi no Jyunan
1,050 JP yen (8.69 US$)
DQ3 digital novel, featuring a female soldier who is raped by monsters and colleagues.

PrelfIllust No3 HighComics
Koga Ryohei
2,205 JP yen (18.25 US$)
An elf Nanna gets into the demon's forest to find her missing friend Rin, but abducted by 2 wolves. Nanna meets Rin at the wolves house, but forced to have sex with the wolves and ends up impregnated.

Hazuki Ayanosuke / Yokai Club
630 JP yen (5.21 US$)
Contains AQUQ ILLUSION, and some episodes from Kimi ha Urusai.
Features. Ashi**** Ryo (Ge*rs).

LAZY-BONES (aka Fujii Naoki)
1,155 JP yen (9.56 US$)
Xe** Gears, feat. Balto and Marew. A heartwarming story of the two!

Kanraku Ojyosama - Pregnant Race
1,890 JP yen (15.64 US$)
The lead character is the son of a millionaire, recently receives an offer of marriage making with two well-off girls for the purpose of financial help to the girls' families.

Yu Sugoroku vol.28
Akira Dou
630 JP yen (5.21 US$)
Bulletin no. 28 of YU Sugoroku. b5 size. 36 pages. Contains a lot of illustration, manga, novel by the members of the circle.

Rei no namida (Tears of Rei)
735 JP yen (6.08 US$)
Eva*gelion doujinshi feat. Aya**** Rei. She is possessed with masturbation, doing in on the roof of school, at her room, etc.

Shito, Shukai
735 JP yen (6.08 US$)
Eva*gelion doujinshi, feat. Aya**mi Rei.

Gakko de atta eroi hanashi
1,995 JP yen (16.51 US$)
The school is located deep in the mountain miles away from the urban area of Tokyo. A mixed-sex boarding school with noble educational ideals. You are a new student at the school to have a good "ero-ero" school life.

Last Life
420 JP yen (3.47 US$)
Xepher hentai, feat. Rihito (male).

Adult Seiyu no Oshigoto
1,050 JP yen (8.69 US$)
AUDIO WORK. This is her first recording as a porn voice actress.....is this real or not?

Dappun Mars
1,050 JP yen (8.69 US$)
She has an explosive orgasm while pooping!! Watch her sorry appearance, pooping intolerantly in front of you.

Higawari Tsumekomimashita 05 & 06
735 JP yen (6.08 US$)
Contains almost all the illustrations & wallpapers posted on my blog between '05 January and '06 November.

Happy Tristeine
735 JP yen (6.08 US$)
HCGs of Zero ** Tsukaima characters in sexual activities.

distorted friendship
Nakano Kinzan
630 JP yen (5.21 US$)
HCGs of a red-haired girl and blonde girl )from Na** Nazo Maho Gakuin).

Tainai Ryojoku Shojo - Asuka
Koboshi no niwa
1,260 JP yen (10.43 US$)
Eva*gelion hentai, feat. Asuka who is used as a sex slave by multiple men until she is pregnant.

Weekly chart (2006-10-10) / ranking : 6th place
Date:2006-10-05 DL:42

Megami-tachi no Himitsu (The secrets of the goddess)
Onna Kishi no Shiro
735 JP yen (6.08 US$)
HCGs of Asamiya A*na and Rei*z (of Seiken ***setsu 3) with a number of costume variations.

Date:2006-11-18 DL:13

Ingyaku no Hokago (Sex after school - Gangbang)
Koneko Houseeuh
945 JP yen (7.82 US$)
Following story to the previous "Sex after school - Hymen bursting". All the girls has forced first-time sex and ends up cummed inside p**sy.

Date:2006-04-14 DL:22

Ti*a with Monsters
735 JP yen (6.08 US$)
CG collection of Ti*a (from F*nal F*ntasy) who has sex with lust monsters. 3 stories, 12 scenes, 12 images (plus alternates).

Total ranking (2006-08-20) : 98th placeMonthy chart (2006-05-29) / ranking : 4th placeWeekly chart (2006-05-14) / ranking : 3rd place
Date:2006-05-12 DL:145

Bishoujo sex shop - Perolist
Furea Club
1,050 JP yen (8.69 US$)
Once you step into the house, you feel like you have entered in heaven! This place has only amazingly beautiful girls only!

Date:2005-12-21 DL:23

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