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This Ezine brings you fresh information about softwares and doujinshis newly registered on DLsite.com, and about updates of DLsite.com.

Bramaji Musume
735 JP yen (6.21 US$)
She need to go through a sexual initiation to be an accomplished magician.....

Princess Maiden (Felna's an unusual maidservant)
New York Spirits
735 JP yen (6.21 US$)
Contains HCGs of our original novel series, Maid no Felko-san. Contains 24 main, alternates, monochrome version, scribbles, and rough illustrations (16). Features: urination & childish panties.

Lacus Destiny 4 - Lacus version in G*NDAM S DESTINY
Studio Q
525 JP yen (4.44 US$)
G*NDAM SEED DESTINY hentai, feat. Lacus. She is arrested and imprisoned in ZAFT and keep raped by multiple men. When the men gets bored with raping Lacus, they brings together Kira and Lacus.

Maoh Maker - The future with you
Tsukiguni / Otsukisama Ohkoku
1,050 JP yen (8.88 US$)
Boys-love hentai sim game, feat. Conrad and Yury from Kyo kara MA no tsuku Ji*ugyo.

mineral water
1,050 JP yen (8.88 US$)
Strip Don-jara game feat. characters from Su**miya Haruhi no Yuutsu. Can you save Haruhi from death penalty?

Kimi ni Muchu! (I'm in love with you!)
630 JP yen (5.32 US$)
Kimi **ss flash hentai CG set, feat. Shijyo Mitsu*I and Nan*.

K-Erotic Error
840 JP yen (7.10 US$)
HCG set of hot babes who gets involved in troubles by the appearance of a frog-like alien.

Pure Black
420 JP yen (3.55 US$)
G*ndam Se*d Dest*ny hentai CG set. It also carries CGs of other animes (K*Y, LE*F, Sou*d Ho*izon). w/around 100 rough illustrations.

Miu-chan 1 & 2
630 JP yen (5.32 US$)
AUDIO WORK. For those of you who have a fetish for pretty younger sister.

735 JP yen (6.21 US$)
A woman with a big cock between her legs (futanari) forces the gifted female solder sexual acts. Boob fuck, defloration, cum injection, etc.

420 JP yen (3.55 US$)
Nei*h is caught in a Dark Elf's trap, and forced to experience sexual pleasure.

Jigoku no utage (The feast of the hell)
Free Style
1,260 JP yen (10.65 US$)
Jigoku ***onna hentai, feat. En** Ai in a micro thong. She is so excited as seeing a man's incredibly big cock.
28 main images. 44 in all.

Slave Angel
525 JP yen (4.44 US$)
LOVE H*NA hentai, fat. Shinobu and Motoko. Anal, double penetrtion, double BJ, etc. Produced by TWILIGHT. Guest artist: Minatsuki Jyuzo.

945 JP yen (7.99 US$)
Eida was cast in prison and met a man who she did not expect seeing him there.

Shoujo Kakei
840 JP yen (7.10 US$)
HCGs of various games. 12 illustrations. Kewords: I**ha, Rumb** Rose, Ri**, and Hi**rashi. The files are also available in BMP and PSD (few of them) format.

Tairyou Shasei Megami 2 (Sperm Goddess 2)
1,575 JP yen (13.32 US$)
Re-edit edition of the 2nd work in the series. Please note this item contains lots of obscene expressions such as throbbing big cock, and cum shower.

Monthy chart (2006-02-05) / ranking : 14th placeWeekly chart (2006-01-17) / ranking : 7th place
Date:2006-01-14 DL:73

Kanojo no iru nichijo - Kistsuhazureno..... (She's always with me)
Zankoku Doumei
840 JP yen (7.10 US$)
The man lives with a childhood friend just like a regular couple. But the girl was connected with him in a "special" relationship a long time ago......

Monthy chart (2006-08-10) / ranking : 13th placeWeekly chart (2006-07-23) / ranking : 6th place
Date:2006-07-17 DL:58

Police woman in tentacle violation 3
945 JP yen (7.99 US$)
The pair of female police officers, Oginome Yuna and Takahashi Jyuri are ured into a tentacle trap.

Weekly chart (2006-02-13) / ranking : 6th place
Date:2006-02-08 DL:42

JukeBOX vol.6
945 JP yen (7.99 US$)
6th CG collection, sold at SYOTAYANEN 6 (held this year). This work focuses on "secret" of boys.

Weekly chart (2006-05-08) / ranking : 9th place
Date:2006-05-04 DL:84

Norasaku & Ushiko no Bokujo no Mogahihiiinbuuuh (Mandogpigcowhorse)
1,680 JP yen (14.21 US$)
Anima-sex movie collection. Characters: Man, dog, cow, horse, and pig.

Total ranking (2006-03-16) : 68th placeMonthy chart (2005-11-18) / ranking : 4th placeWeekly chart (2005-10-23) / ranking : 2nd place
Date:2005-10-20 DL:165

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