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English Ver.
Cat's Paw Diary
Nekojarashi no Yado
$1.95 / 216JPY
A natural color essay comic about a daily life with a cat.
GirlsPDF Included
WholesomeShojo MangaJosei Manga
  • Release: Aug/26/2016
  • Purchased: 3x
One of Two Halves
Maple Syrup
$0.97 / 108JPY
Heartwarming yuri-style slice of life
MoeWholesomeClassmateUniformShojo MangaYuri/Girls Love
  • Release: Feb/12/2016
  • Purchased: 2x
Til Sep. 25, noon (JST)
The Raven and the Schoolgirl
$1.95 $3.9050% OFF / 216JPY432JPY
Ouka was killed by a "common spirit", then saved and resurrected by Hitoki. This is their story.
GirlsPDF IncludedComike88
WholesomeUniformShojo MangaLong Hair (Male)
  • Release: Sep/17/2015
  • Purchased: 1x
What's With That Smile? ~Spinoff~
Fantasy exile
$0.97 / 108JPY
Hiroto feels someone's eyes on him lately.
StudentShojo MangaJosei MangaSchoolFunny Love StoryCoercion/Compulsion
  • Release: Feb/15/2016
  • Purchased: 1x
Himegami's Lovesickness 1
Rio Labo
$3.90 / 432JPY
An original ghostbuster/exorcism saga set in a fictional town.
GirlTransforming GirlGhostShojo MangaOccultAnimal Ears
  • Release: May/23/2016
  • Purchased: 1x
Night of Barbieri
$4.88 / 540JPY
A love story where you run around the town at night with a cat girl on the street.
Shojo MangaNekomimi (Cat Ears)
  • Release: Nov/28/2009
$3.90 / 432JPY
M*gi: Alibaba x Kougyoku are more than friends, less than lovers, until tonight.
GirlsPDF Included
WholesomeShojo Manga
  • Release: Nov/11/2014
Color Is Important
$0.97 / 108JPY
Monochrome is lonely.
HealingGirlSwimwearShojo MangaLong Hair
  • Release: Apr/01/2015
Til Sep. 25, noon (JST)
Okaken. 1
$2.93 $5.8650% OFF / 324JPY648JPY
A cheerful original occult fantasy manga series.
BoyClassmateGhostShojo MangaSchoolHilariousComedyFantasyHorror
  • Release: Sep/11/2015
Scramble Days
Maple Syrup
$2.93 / 324JPY
Yuko and Yuri are identical twins with polar opposite personalities. :)
WholesomeTwinsUniformShojo MangaPure Love
  • Release: Dec/25/2015
Perfect Plan
Maple Syrup
$1.95 / 216JPY
Sayaka's has a meticulously plotted arc for her and Shinya OH MY GOD WHO'S THIS OTHER GIRL
WholesomeChildhood FriendStudentUniformShojo MangaPure Love
  • Release: Jan/05/2016
I'm so not going to be a Santa!
Maple Syrup
$0.97 / 108JPY
Hijiri hates Christmas. But what does it have to do with his lineage...?
WholesomeBoyShotaShojo Manga
  • Release: Jan/10/2016
Death God Drops
Maple Syrup
$1.95 / 216JPY
Haya test-buys a peculiar candy from a curious new shop.
WholesomeManiacStudentShojo MangaSchool
  • Release: Jan/30/2016
Til Sep. 25, noon (JST)
Ginrou Kaiga
$0.97 $1.9550% OFF / 108JPY216JPY
A 19th century artist is commissioned to draw for a girl in a wheelchair.
Emotional/TouchingGirlShojo MangaPure Love
  • Release: Aug/30/2016
Til Sep. 25, noon (JST)
How To Make Delicious Coffee
$0.48 $0.9750% OFF / 54JPY108JPY
Ayumi inherited her grandfather's cafe but, there's absolutely no customers...
WholesomeEmotional/TouchingShojo Manga
  • Release: Sep/27/2016
A Tale of Love in Meiji Tokyo
Zhu feng zhui yue
$9.77 / 1,080JPY
Features Kyo*ka x M*i and Sh*nsou x M*i from Meiji Toukyo Renk*. An all age okay otome (female audience) manga
Shojo MangaJosei MangaEpic/Historical
  • Release: Mar/17/2017
Himegami's Lovesickness 2
Rio Labo
$3.90 / 432JPY
An original ghostbuster/exorcism saga set in a fictional town.
GirlKimono/Japanese ClothesShojo MangaPure LoveMysteryAnimal Ears
  • Release: Jun/10/2017
The Four Seasons Quartet
Voice Drama Circle FortuneStone
$4.88 / 540JPY
An assortment of four short stories of which themes are four different seasons. Enjoy the harmony of bitter and sweet love stories!
GirlsInc. VoiceInc. MusicTrialComike92
HealingTotally HappyShojo MangaJosei Manga
  • Release: Aug/26/2017
Himegami's Lovesickness 3
Rio Labo
$3.90 / 432JPY
An original ghostbuster/exorcism saga set in a fictional town. The last chapter.
Transforming GirlKimono/Japanese ClothesShojo MangaMysteryAnimal Ears
  • Release: Oct/04/2017
Til Sep. 25, noon (JST)
Beyond Time
$0.97 $1.9550% OFF / 108JPY216JPY
A heartwarming Arabian fantasy.
WholesomeShojo MangaFunny Love StoryRomanceMagicPure LoveRomanceRomance
  • Release: Apr/15/2018