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Til Sep. 25, noon (JST)
Rainy Days
Hobby Atelier Carrot Wine
$2.88 $5.7650% OFF / 324JPY648JPY
Hobby Atelier Carrot Wine offers a BGM collection for dating-sim game. As the title says, the concept of this album is rain.
Inc. MusicTrial
  • Release: Nov/30/2006
  • Purchased: 10x
  • (6)
Til Sep. 25, noon (JST)
Blind Prism -First Love-
$3.36 $4.8030% OFF / 378JPY540JPY
Mikoto starts the new year in a love triangle with the school's "prince" and a childhood friend. Who and how she loves is in YOUR hands!
GirlsInc. MusicTrialComike86
WholesomeClassmateSchoolLove Triangle
  • Release: Sep/12/2014
  • Purchased: 1x
L'amore irrealizzabile
$3.84 / 432JPY
[Giorno x Vanilla ] coupling (from Jojo's Biz*rre Adventures) Giorno > Vanilla > DIO, the endless flow of time, without reward... Mainly serious, with some GOOD gags.
GirlsPDF Included
Love TriangleSerious
  • Release: Sep/05/2017
The Blossom Shade of Love's Dignity -Shou Genbu Edition-
$8.64 / 972JPY
A warrior daughter of the Aizu clan at the end of the Edo era reunites with four men from that era. 4th ADV (all ages)
GirlsInc. MusicTrial
GlassesTeacherSchoolLove TriangleSeriousEpic/Historical
  • Release: Sep/25/2014
What's Happening
$3.84 / 432JPY
An unexpected love triangle flourishes between three high school boys. (Original)
HeartwarmingLove Triangle
  • Release: Dec/25/2014
Red String of Fate: side.K
$1.92 / 216JPY
The quagmire of a love triangle...
DepressionWoman's ViewpointNo MaleSerial ProductLove TriangleYuri/Girls Love
  • Release: Jul/03/2016
Red String of Fate: side...
$1.92 / 216JPY
The final chapter of the Omegaverse love triangle.
Serial ProductLove TriangleYuri/Girls Love
  • Release: Jul/25/2016
Red String of Fate: side.E
$0.96 / 108JPY
A standalone story with the same Love L*ve! characters.
Serial ProductLove TriangleYuri/Girls Love
  • Release: Jul/26/2016
Run Away Oniichan!
$3.84 / 432JPY
Rom com-style BL-style comedic manga.
GirlsPDF Included
Older BrotherSenpaiFunny Love StoryHilariousLove TriangleBoys Love
  • Release: Sep/02/2016
I will return to home. by Tomo.
$4.80 / 540JPY
Love comedy with As*ma-san for all ages. They hang out together with some other characters!
PDF Included
Childhood FriendRomanceHeartwarmingLove TriangleRomanceRomance
  • Release: Jun/17/2017
Til Sep. 25, noon (JST)
Anello dorato
Gekka no Neko
$2.40 $4.8050% OFF / 270JPY540JPY
The ancient heritage that was forged by a witch is to be unlocked on the occasion of the solar eclipse. Arl* and Sch*zo open the sealed door, making the sound of despair...
DepressionLove Triangle
  • Release: Oct/15/2017
Beat Down! A Pervert Maid (27 y/o)
$2.88 / 324JPY
A story to defeat a maid woman who stalks the family's daughter.
Totally HappyShonen MangaRomanceDrama/Daily LivingHeartwarmingLove TriangleRomanceRomance
  • Release: May/12/2018
Telephone Game - Hanamori
Itokon Code
$5.76 / 648JPY
Barok: "Naruhodou said he had difficulties to understand your sayings with a lot of metaphors." Asougi: "It was because of my jealousy." Asougi explains why he used metaphors.
GirlsPDF Included
RomanceLove TriangleJealousyRomanceRomance
  • Release: Aug/17/2018