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[For TRPG] Roll playing Character Illustration
$6.70 / 756JPY
Make your session glorious! A collection of pose-art that fit a fantasy setting!
LoliShotaOnesan/Older Girl/Older SisterArmy UniformKimono/Japanese ClothesBobbed Hair
  • Release: Oct/23/2018
  • Purchased: 1x
Easy Game Station
$7.65 / 864JPY
A colorful 1P (or network 2P co-op) action fantasy game. 30 stages + Survival, Attack modes
Inc. VoiceInc. Music3DCGTrial
Bobbed HairBlonde Hair
  • Release: Nov/24/2014
  • Purchased: 20x
  • (6)
Earcleaning Life with a Childhood Girlfriend
18kin SE
$4.78 / 540JPY
Boyfriend and Girlfriend. A relationship of two. Wouldn't you like to experience some lemon sweet ear cleaning time with her, your childhood friend? (CV: Rio Fujimura)
Inc. VoiceTrial
GirlFunny Love StoryEar CleaningRomanceRomanceRomanceBobbed HairBrunet Hair
  • Release: Feb/23/2017
  • Purchased: 8x
  • (6)
Jeanne 4+5+6
$4.78 / 540JPY
The daily lives and battles of Jeanne d'Arc and friends.
PDF IncludedComike84
HilariousHeartwarmingEpic/HistoricalLong HairBobbed Hair
  • Release: Aug/23/2013
  • Purchased: 1x
Pose Art Materials Shrine Maiden
$3.82 / 432JPY
Pose art of girls in miko / priestess / shrine maiden outfit for use in games creation, etc.
Clothes ChangingRibbonShrine MaidenKimono/Japanese ClothesBobbed HairPonytail
  • Release: Oct/22/2014
  • Purchased: 1x
Yagasuri Biyori
Hakamakko Suisyou Iinkai
$3.82 / 432JPY
A sweet, original (slightly yuri?) manga about two stagecoach girls
Kimono/Japanese ClothesWaitressHeartwarmingYuri/Girls LoveBobbed HairPonytail
  • Release: Feb/15/2016
  • Purchased: 1x
Yagasuri Biyori 2
Hakamakko Suisyou Iinkai
$6.70 / 756JPY
A sweet, original (slightly yuri?) manga about two stagecoach girls.
UniformKimono/Japanese ClothesWaitressHeartwarmingYuri/Girls LoveBobbed Hair
  • Release: Feb/15/2016
  • Purchased: 1x
Satellite Vegeta G
$6.70 / 756JPY
The story of a man who kills for the first time.
Emotional/TouchingCrime/GangsterUniformBobbed HairBrunet Hair
  • Release: Sep/23/2011
sea of apple
$0.95 / 108JPY
Young girls in outfits. Color illustrations x 3. Black and white illustration x 1.
GirlUniformSailor-style UniformKimono/Japanese ClothesKnee SocksBobbed Hair
  • Release: May/24/2012
Jeanne 1+2+3
$4.78 / 540JPY
Young Jeanne d'Arc, the little maid, stands up to save her beloved France. Manga trilogy.
PDF IncludedTrialComike82
AnthologyHeartwarmingEpic/HistoricalLong HairBobbed Hair
  • Release: Dec/24/2012
Okappa Wrap Mini
Zakka Saten
$0.95 / 108JPY
CGs by Okappa-san.
UniformBobbed Hair
  • Release: Aug/20/2013
Magical KATYUSCA Splash Vol.1
Ap e Bi
$2.87 / 324JPY
About a girl who likes to make figures and her friend who assists... Two magical girls who unite to unleash the power of KATYUSCA.
Inc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. AnimeTrial
AnimeHeadbandMagical GirlLong HairBobbed HairKansai Dialect
  • Release: Dec/06/2013
Loli Geist
$1.91 / 216JPY
Ueziya presents a comedic story about a lazy loli Japanese spirit who refuses to cross over.
MoeLoliGhostHilariousBobbed HairChildlike Build
  • Release: May/15/2014
Jeanne 7+8+9
$4.78 / 540JPY
The daily lives and battles of Jeanne d'Arc and friends.
Shonen MangaHilariousHeartwarmingHistoryBobbed HairBlonde Hair
  • Release: Aug/16/2014
Mobile Submarine Ganbaru UC
Kyou mo Spaghe
$6.70 / 756JPY
A KanC*lle x Gund*m UC crossover manga
  • Release: Aug/26/2016
Pose Art Materials A (All Ages Ver.)
$3.82 / 432JPY
Character pose art for copyright free use in personal, commercial or adult projects.
Sailor-style UniformSwimwearMaidCosplayBobbed Hair
  • Release: Jan/19/2016