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Kando Ryoko?
Jellyfish party
$3.84 / 432JPY
Fan art of Hawk sisters from G*NDAM SEED DESTINY. No sexual material contained, but recommended for those who want to see them in pure love.
Yuri/Girls Love
  • Release: Oct/10/2005
  • Purchased: 1x
Jellyfish party
$3.84 / 432JPY
Features Kam*I and Konoha from A*cana Heart. This is a gag comic about the pretty girls.
  • Release: Aug/31/2007
Love, love, I love you! Kamui-sama
Jellyfish party
$3.84 / 432JPY
This doujinshi features Kamui and Konoha from Ar*ana Heart.
Yuri/Girls Love
  • Release: Jan/16/2008
Kamisama HELP!
Jellyfish party
$3.84 / 432JPY
Gag comic featuring Kamui from Ar*ana Heart. Story features mainly Konoha and Kamui, and sometimes Heart and Kamui.
  • Release: Oct/20/2008
Between God and Dog
Jellyfish party
$3.84 / 432JPY
A book about Kamui, Konoha and Inuwaka sisters from Arc*na Heart.
Yuri/Girls LoveLesbian
  • Release: Apr/30/2009
God is on holiday
Jellyfish party
$1.92 / 216JPY
A hilarious story about Arc*na Heart series.
Yuri/Girls Love
  • Release: Feb/24/2010