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Magical Tea Party
Cotton Color
$3.92 / 432JPY
A MadoMagi doujinshi
PDF Included
GirlMagical Girl
  • Release: Oct/03/2016
Sister Quest "The Pirate Bounty Buried in the Desert"
Cotton Color
$4.90 / 540JPY
Miru and Meiku find a treasure map and go on an adventure.
PDF Included
  • Release: Oct/09/2013
Cotton Color
$2.94 / 324JPY
An ECO doujinshi
PDF Included
Nonhuman/Monster GirlHeartwarmingAnimal Ears
  • Release: Oct/04/2016
Sister Quest "Ghost Pirate Ship"
Cotton Color
$4.90 / 540JPY
Adventurous sisters look for the buried Pirate King's treasure in the Sahara desert.
MoeSerial ProductSisters
  • Release: Jun/25/2014
Sister Quest "A New Friend"
Cotton Color
$4.90 / 540JPY
A story about before the sisters joined the adventure guild.
HotSerial ProductSistersShonen Manga
  • Release: Oct/06/2016
Cotton Color
$2.94 / 324JPY
A comic based on ECO. Loki Alm* and Balulu Alm* explore around the continent.
PDF Included
  • Release: Mar/19/2018