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Exclusive Real Girlfriend Sleeping Breath Sounds
A water flea
$9.70 / 1,080 JPY | 200pt 20% back
A sleeping together audio product for those out there that want to sleep. REAL breathing sounds recorded with a dummy head microphone. (CV: CV: Phan Masaki)
Doujin SoftwareVoiceMP3 Filewith Voice
  • Release: May/22/2017
  • DL: 4
Her and My "Sofure" Relationship
A water flea
$6.79 / 756 JPY | 70pt (10% back)
"Sofure" is a portmanteau of "soine" + "furendo" or "falling asleep together" + "friend".
Doujin SoftwareVoiceMP3 Filewith Voicewith Trial Version
  • Release: Jul/12/2015
  • DL: 4
When You Get A Cold, Be Pampered Just A Bit By Your Girlfriend MP3
A water flea
$2.91 / 324 JPY | 30pt (10% back)
You don't need to actually be sick to get just a little pampered. A short soothing audio.
Doujin SoftwareVoiceMP3 Filewith Voicewith Trial Version
  • Release: Oct/07/2014
  • DL: 5
My Girlfriend's Such A Great Nurse You Can't Blame Me For Catching A Cold!
A water flea
$6.79 / 756 JPY | 70pt (10% back)
Isn't life lonely when you're sick? NON-EROTIC by fan request. This is gentle soothing audio for true healing.
Doujin SoftwareVoiceMP3 Filewith Voicewith Musicwith Trial Version
  • Release: Feb/02/2013
  • DL: 9
Quiet Sleep Voice with Lovemaking Girlfriend
A water flea
$3.88 / 432 JPY | 40pt (10% back)
By request, a passionate romantic audio to sooth you into deep sleep.
Doujin SoftwareVoiceMP3 Filewith Voicewith Trial Version
  • Release: Nov/14/2011
  • DL: 68
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