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Stratos Special [9mm Paraphilia Bullet]
CG / Illustrations
Stratos Special
9mm Paraphilia Bullet
$1.95 / 216JPY
6 collaborators, 65 total pages of Gunsl*nger Stratos 2 mangas and illustrations!
  • Release: May/27/2015
Ninja Scroll of Rough Sketches 3 - G&P Edition [9mm Paraphilia Bullet]
CG / Illustrations
Ninja Scroll of Rough Sketches 3 - G&P Edition
9mm Paraphilia Bullet
$3.90 / 432JPY
An assortment of my artworks rearranged in full color.
  • Release: Oct/04/2017
Garupan Illustrations in Bundle [9mm Paraphilia Bullet]
CG / Illustrations
Garupan Illustrations in Bundle
9mm Paraphilia Bullet
$6.83 / 756JPY
This is a bundle of two illustration doujinshi based on Garupan.
PDF Included
MoeGirlSailor-style UniformYuri/Girls Love
  • Release: Jul/06/2018