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Til Sep. 25, noon (JST)
Love Spells Are Forbidden -Part One-
Pink Chick
$1.44 $2.8850% OFF / 162JPY324JPY
Love spells were forbidden, but Yuki had feelings for Momoka that were not returned.
Serial ProductGirlMagical GirlSchoolYuri/Girls Love
  • Release: Jan/22/2013
  • Purchased: 1x
Til Sep. 25, noon (JST)
My Partner Is My Best Friend
Pink Chick
$0.96 $1.9250% OFF / 108JPY216JPY
Momoka and Yuuki are best friends and magical girls. Yuri spinoff manga.
GirlSailor-style UniformSchoolHeartwarmingYuri/Girls Love
  • Release: Jan/25/2013
Til Sep. 25, noon (JST)
Love Spells Are Forbidden -Part Two-
Pink Chick
$1.92 $3.8450% OFF / 216JPY432JPY
Momoka fell in love with Yuki, and she broke the ultimate rule. Now she has forgotten all about her.
Serial ProductGirlMagical GirlSchoolYuri/Girls Love
  • Release: Dec/16/2013