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Miscellaneous Talk - Spending a Holiday with Junior Girl
$2.88 / 324JPY
A binaural audio experience of spending a holiday with your junior girl in a seaside inn.
Inc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial
HealingBinauralASMRJunior and Senior StudentsEar CleaningLong-distance Love
  • Release: Sep/14/2018
  • Purchased: 3x
First Offline Date Is with Cosplay!? @Wermiau (All Ages ver.)
$4.80 / 540JPY
A sequel work from "@Wermiau"! A girl trying to break out of her shell cutely yet boldly goes out of order while loving and being loved by you...... (CV: Gemiko Yamada)
Inc. VoiceTrial
MoeSerial ProductCosplayRomanceLoversLong-distance LoveRomanceRomance
  • Release: Aug/24/2018
  • Purchased: 1x
rescue me !
Caramel Crunch
$2.88 / 324JPY
Unable to express her feelings for the childhood friend she loves, the protagonist uses going to college as an opportunity to run away from her feelings.
Childhood FriendClassmateDrama/Daily LivingHeartwarmingLong-distance LoveYuri/Girls Love
  • Release: Feb/13/2017
  • Purchased: 2x
Til Sep. 25, noon (JST)
Time Limited LDRR
Rocket fuel 21
$2.40 $4.8050% OFF / 270JPY540JPY
O*yodo and the admiral who are married to each other are in a pseudo long-distance romance due to the admiral's long expedition in this comic.
HealingRomanceDrama/Daily LivingLong-distance LoveJealousyPure LoveRomanceRomance
  • Release: Jan/18/2018