Fully translated! Fantasy, mysterious and heart-warming story!

Title Mikumari
Circle :SAVER
Genre Doujinshi Manga Image(JPEG) English Version
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Fully translated! Fantasy, mysterious and heart-warming story!

This is the ENGLISH version translated by the circle.

Fully translated Mikumari series!
You can enjoy whole series from Vol.1 to Vol.3.

Fantasy, mysterious and heart-warming story of a
girl encounters with the "Deity of Mikumari" (a fictional deity).

About Mikumari:
The Legend and the Orb

...of this individual, which is often identified as the "Deity of Mikumari" in
local mythology, there have been a few reported sighting in the proximity of
te north shore geographical region.

...witnesses reported "Mikumari"'s body length to be about a small adult, and
its body surface to be glazed milky white. It is said to have two pairs of
pinnae (wings) and to secrete from its mouth parts ball-shaped pellets.

These pellets are known as "orbs" and its presumed nesting places as "The Cove"
in local forklore.

*Vol.2 and Vol.3 are also available.
Mikumari Vol.2 Mikumari Vol.3


Mikumari Sample 1Mikumari Sample 2Mikumari Sample 3

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